Potion Shelves

Potion shelves for your Spellcasters! These shelves match the Mandrake Bookshelf from Realm of Magic and come in all 8 matching swatches. I added small and medium deco slots to each shelf. This is intended for potions but can be used for other things too. I removed the bookshelf function and added a custom inventory … Continue reading Potion Shelves

TS4 Download: Parenthood Counter Top Recolours

I really love the country counters that came with Parenthood and thought they'd look great with the wooden texture from the hipster base game counters. So... here they are! I cloned all the original counter colours and added either a light, dark, or black wood surface depending on the original counter colour for each swatch. … Continue reading TS4 Download: Parenthood Counter Top Recolours