Downloads: Mods

Confirmed to be functioning with Eco Lifestyle:

The Junk Mod V2

Hire Market Vendors for Free


Free Bartender and Barista!

04-03-16_3-59-19 PM

Buy Groceries and Fish from GTW Registers

More Flea Market Objects


TS4 Download: Specific Seed Packets


Gain Hygiene from Bubbly Fountain

02-21-16_3-16-42 PM

TS4 Download: Alternate Monster Night Light

07-06-16_10-41-34 PM

TS4 Download: Slippy Slide Plain Recolours

07-29-16_10-34-20 PM

TS4 Download: Portable Basketball Hoop


More Cinema Stuff

01-19-16_10-19-52 PM

Portable ‘Suitcase’ Dresser

Storage Crate

02-21-16_12-41-44 PM

Requires Update:

Auto NPCs (Barista and Stall Vendor)


9 thoughts on “Downloads: Mods

  1. Amazing work!! Why am I just seeing these now ?? lol 🙂
    Any-who 🙂 I think you just motivated me into finally working on my blog, a lot of these items will go great into the designs for my blog (Of course proper credit will be given. 🙂 Now, I just need to start putting my downloads back into my game .. Then get my blog started and get building …LMAO Boy O boy a lot of work to get done.. lol .. Thanks for the motivation! – Mel


  2. Thank you so much for your work! It’s made my game so much more enjoyable. Love the statues, as I’m experimenting with medieval styles right now 🙂 Great stuff!


  3. I really love your work! I feel like you are more focused on what can be used to actually PLAY the game with, and not just make things look pretty. It is so frustrating when I find a cool mod, but in actual gameplay, it looks/runs like poop. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making stuff that works!


  4. Thanks so much, lovely stuff. looking forward to fixed Medieval Podiums. In fact any Medieval game stuff converted for S4, such fab objects in that game. I have picked up some lovely bits from your site and appreciate the effort.


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