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Sims 3: Adventure Time! (Part 1)

Sims 3: Adventure Time! (Part 2)

Sims 3: Adventure Time! (Part 3)


* A Day with the Vanderburgs

* Library Funding

* Cinderelli Cinderelli

* Crumpleton: A Close Encounter

* Crumpleton: A Few Loose Ends

* Crumpleton: Nature Most Unnatural

* Crumpleton: Green Leaf Tea

* Crumpleton: Meadow’s Grocery

* Oh You Silly Things

2 thoughts on “Sims 3 Blog

  1. I love reading about Crumpleton! There’s just something about small towns and gardening that’s endlessly fascinating. I didn’t think having a self-sufficient town in TS3 was even possible, so I’m really interested to see how you set it up!


    • Hi! You just need Ani’s No Fridge Shopping mod which makes it so you need the recipe’s ingredients to cook. Then instead of sending sims to the grocery rabbithole you have sims grow/catch their own food, and give or sell it to others. It can be a bit tricky to get it all set up and working. If you have World Adventures the chests are very useful for storing items, you can find more styles at Around the Sims. And I use the modded ‘savvier seller’ stands to sell the produce. All fruit/veg/herbs/cheese/eggs and meat are grown (you can unlock dairy and meat plants), fish are caught, honey/eggs/milk are collected from the farm items, and only things like the overhaul non-plantable ingredients will be bought from the store by the grocery shop owner (as though they ordered stock in). I’m still getting things set up, the grocery is too small so I need to build a bigger one.


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