6 of the BEST Create-A-Sim Items in Discover University and How You Could Style Them

Thank you to EA Game Changers for providing me with a code for this pack!

The clothing in this pack is some of the best we’ve seen in an expansion! It’s wearable, fashionable clothing that you really do see people wearing in the real world! [What’s that? The ‘real world’? I don’t like the sound of it!] From Instagram worthy sportswear to cute 90’s inspired items, the CAS in this pack is GOALS!!!

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Item Number 1: THIS pretty crop top with a tie-back.

One of my favourite items from this pack because it’s so cute and versatile. You can dress it down with some flared jeans, combine it with a skater skirt for a flirty date, or even throw it on with some leggings for a sweet ‘I’m not going to the gym but I COULD be’ look!

* Jeans – Discover University
* Skirt – Cats & Dogs
* Leggings – Discover University

Item Number 2. A simple shirt dress with GREAT swatches!

Have I mentioned how good the colour swatches are in this pack yet? No? THE COLOUR SWATCHES ARE SO GOOD IN THIS PACK!!! Almost every CAS item comes in both plain and patterned swatches and… *drumroll* …PLAIN BLACK AND WHITE SWATCHES TOO!!! I know! Inconceivable! It’s like the developers actually listen or something.

Anyway… now I’ve got that out of my system… this dress is no exception and it comes in some great checked flannel colours which scream ‘I’m in a late 90’s rockband fandom’ and also some sleek plain colours. Here I dressed up the plain black swatch with some heels and dangly earrings for an understated-glam evening look, and I dressed it down with some casual Converse style trainers for a more daytime ‘hanging in the quad’ feel.

* Heels – Luxury Party Stuff
* Boots – Discover University
* Trainers – Base Game

Item Number 3. A cropped hoodie.

This has been a growing trend for a while here and it’s great to see this item in the game for all those gym enthusiasts who want to show off their abs on Simstagram! It’s another versatile item because it comes in a range of swatches, including a must-have grey marl sweatshirt fabric! And who doesn’t want to live in a sweatshirt 24-7 when you have exams to stress about?

Here I combine it with some ripped jeans and headphones for a ‘Don’t talk to me I’m having a mental breakdown’ outfit, a pair of sporty track pants for people who might actually go to the gym once in a while, and a pair of PJ bottoms for slobbing around the dorm eating ramen noodles.

* Jeans – Parenthood
* Headphones – Get Famous
* Track Pants – Discover University
* PJ Bottoms – Base Game

Item Number 4: Pants you just can’t touch!

I’m a sucker for sweatpants in the game and this pair are a nice fit (they actually reach the ankles) and come in versatile swatches. As well as the standard sporty look on the left, these pants come in slightly smarter looking plain swatches and you can get away with combining them with a blazer for a quirky formal outfit or a 90’s style contrast-sleeve flannel shirt for a quick game of juice pong at the student union.

* All items are from Discover University

Item Number 5: Jeans, Jeans and MORE JEANS!!!

I’m personally so excited for the amount of jeans in this pack because I have been HARASSING the gurus for high-waisted Mom jeans every chance I get. Baggier, high-waist jeans have been super popular here for a while now and the lack of fashionable denim options in the game has been frustrating me soooooooo muuuuuuuuch!!! [Seriously EA, what’s with all the Britney style low-rise jeans and all those weird seams? Stop it. Oh… Also… thanks for the new jeans!]

It was hard to pick a favourite but I finally went for this pair. We could use some more tops that tuck into these jeans now and I was a bit sad the new stripey t-shirt hangs over rather than tucking in, but it combines nicely with crop tops and the simple white shirt for a slightly more preppy style.

* Cat Print Top: Realm of Magic
* White Shirt: Get to Work
* Pink Cropped Top: Discover University

Item Number 6: This Slouchy Jumper!

I would be all over this top in real life, in all the colours, because I can’t resist a slouchy jumper! The shape is very well designed and I like how it has the slightly tucked waist. It comes in a range of colour swatches and patterns but for some reason I kept going for that contrast-V, it’s obviously a favourite and this top will bless many of my Sims’ bodies.

I thought it looked cute with a pair of sweatpants, like you’ve thrown it on over your gym clothes to keep warm or you’re just hanging around the dorm doing coursework. I also really like the maroon swatch [NOT Magenta, if you were wondering, SimGuruNinja.] and I had to pair it with my absolute favourite pair of shorts in the game which look good with literally everything. Lastly, I combined it with another great pair of jeans from Discover University.

* Sweatpants: Fitness Stuff
* Denim Shorts: Bowling Night
* Jeans: Discover University

There are so many great CAS assets in this pack and I couldn’t show them all here. I just wanted to share some of my favourite pieces with you and hopefully share some ideas about different ways to wear them. Do you think you can style any of these pieces better? Show me! You can Tweet me @Cinderellimouse.

If you want a more thorough overview of CAS, you can check out EnglishSimmer’s review here:

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