4 Students for Discover University that You Can Download NOW!!!

Thank you to EA Game Changers for providing me with a review code for this expansion pack!

1. Medea Strongbrow

Medea is a drama student from Britechester! She is a bookworm with a passion for bloody tragedies which she loves to melodramatically perform for tips at the local coffee shop. A confident soul with a loud personality, will Medea antagonise her housemates or provide hours of free entertainment?

2. Atlanta Swift

Atlanta didn’t really know which course to take at Uni, she was more interested in signing up for the sports team! In the end she chose biology because it’s kinda connected to health and fitness right? Who knows, maybe one day she’ll be a doctor or physiotherapist. Anyway, she’s not going to worry about that now, she’s too busy partying and enjoying all the social activities the campus has to offer.

3. Blossom Finch

Blossom attended a prestigious private school so of course she has perfect grades and a whole host of offers to choose from. While the university has accepted her onto a distinguished art history course with open arms, the students seem a little less impressed by her designer clothes and perfect GPA. Can she find her place and make some friends?

The Uni Housemates household is available to download HERE!

4. Joshua Lawrence

Joshua Lawrence was popular in high school. Naturally athletic with an easy charm, he was the captain of the football team and was never short of a social invite. He was also academically gifted, with a inquisitive curiosity and a need to explore the world around him. Will he be as successful at Britechester? Or will he struggle to cope now that he has left his friends back home?

Joshua is available to download HERE!

Which Sim is your favourite? If you play with them in your game I would LOVE to see screenshots! You can Tweet me @Cinderellimouse!

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