Cinderelli Investigates: Discover University

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu EA Game Changers for providing me with an early access code for this pack. I’ve been hoping for the university theme for a really long time and I’m so excited that it’s finally here.

When we left Cinderelli, she was still cocooned in Glimmerbrook where she was investigating reports of magical duels! She successfully infiltrated the Magical Realm and befriended the sages and embarked on her journey of witchcraft and wizardry. She must have been under some kind of enchantment as she had settled into the quaint little town and was quite accustomed to her new way of life. So much so that she was starting to forget about the world outside of Glimmerbrook.

Then one snowy morning a letter arrived in her mailbox. Who had brought it? She hadn’t seen the mailman for weeks. Perhaps it had been delivered by an owl? There was no address on the envelope, just her name hastily scribbled in black ink.

Blobs of ink were spattered across the letter, making the scrawled writing hard to read. Squinting at the smudges of ink, Cinderelli made out some of the words… ‘Come quick!’… ‘Scooby Gang’… ‘Secret Society’… ‘Need help!’

The letter was signed 𝐸𝓇𝓌𝒾𝓃 𝒫𝓇𝒾𝑒𝓈, a name which seemed both strangely familiar and distant like a memory from a far away world.

Over the next few days, Cinderelli kept thinking about that letter and the familiar-unfamiliar words. Consulting the stars and scrying with crystals offered no further insight. Eventually, she confided in The Beast.

‘Erwin Pries? Of course I remember him! We defeated the [REDACTED] he sent us here to investigate the Magic Realm, remember?’

Cinderelli looked at him with puzzlement.

‘You really need to stop inhaling all those experimental potion fumes Cinderelli’ he sighed.

The Beast told Cinderelli to get changed into clothes that a student might wear while he crafted a potion of remembering stuff [not an actual RoM potion but just go with it for story purposes]. Clothes a student might wear hmmm….

I’m actually really impressed with all the Create-a-Sim assets in this pack. Finally decent jeans! So many jeans!!! I had fun dressing Cinderelli and would genuinely wear a lot of these things in real life (if someone wants to give me a clothing allowance… anyone?).

Don’t worry! It’s not all black, grey, red and denim! Those as just the colours I like to wear. I’ll have another post going up about Create-a-Sim.

Once her outfits were suitably less magical and more studenty looking (although a couple of my favourite RoM clothes sneakily stayed in there), Cinderelli started applying for scholarships! She had quite a lot of life experience from her previous adventures exploring the depths of the Selvadoradian jungle, solving the Strangerville mystery and learning the magical rites. So all the skills she picked up along the way played to her advantage!

Cinderelli could apply for 4 scholarships, three of which were ultimately granted.

[I’m an ‘adult’ rather than a ‘young adult’ in real life btw, so I wouldn’t have gotten the YA scholarship, I just don’t like the way the mouth smushes up on adults… let me live my best jowl-free life in the game ok?]

Cinderelli spent the next few days enjoying the company of her kitteh, Luna. Her memories were gradually coming back to her and she finally understood her mission! She was a member of the Scooby Gang, she wore colanders on her head to stop the aliens reading her thoughts, she had to go back to University to uncover a sinister secret society! Yes!!!

While they waited for her application to be accepted, The Beast worked hard [because I made him] to make as many Potions of Plentiful Needs as he could to help Cinderelli succeed at university. He worked so hard that he was eventually overcome by fumes and Cinderelli had to revive him with one of his own potions.

‘You will be ok without me, won’t you?’

Finally, Cinderelli received her acceptance letter! She had been offered places at both Foxbury and the University of Britechester! Due to her life experience, she was offered a number of distinguished degrees as well [incidentally, I played with some new Sims who were not offered any distinguished degree places so this really does change depending on the Sim you are playing with. You might not be accepted onto the course you want!]. Cinderelli had to choose which course to enrol on. Probably not art due to the attempt in the screenshots above.

My real-life degree has specialisms in Classics and Literature, so the ‘Language and Literature’ and ‘History’ distinguished degrees appealed to me the most. Cinderelli was already employed as a Freelance writer so I figured it was more interesting to explore the new careers, so I eventually enrolled her on the ‘History’ course which feeds into the Judge career. I was also hoping to uncover some lore about Britechester with this subject!

Cinderelli could have stayed at home in the comfort of her Glimmerbrook cabin and she could have commuted to her classes. However, since her REAL mission was to uncover the Secret Society, she decided it was better to move into a dorm to be in the midst of all the gossip.

She arrived early and was able to pick a quiet corner room. All the dorms were shared so she quickly locked the door; she didn’t want to share with just anyone! Her roommate had to be subtle or at least mind their own business!

Soon, other students started to arrive and I clicked the roommate’s bed to decide who Cinderelli would be sharing with. Even though I’d chosen a mixed dorm, all the other students were males at first. Not seeing anyone Cinderelli would want to share a room with, I cancelled out of the option. She would have be alone for now.

After a while, some more students and their guests showed up. It appeared there was a party going on and Cinderelli was glad she had picked a quiet room away from all the noise! Then suddenly she saw a woman with amazing hair and I sent Cinderelli dashing after her like some infatuated Villanelle! She had found her roomie!!!

Cinderelli was wide awake after chugging a Potion of Plentiful Needs so she took some time to look at her class schedule and do a bit of prep work while the rest of the dorm was sleeping.

Now… CONFESSION… I almost cried reading these course descriptions. I really enjoyed studying and these descriptions were so spot-on that it gave me such a huge wave of nostalgia. [Nostalgia comes from the Greek word ‘Nostos’ which there is no exact English translation for but it kind of means homecoming’ and a sense of longing for your home after a great journey. You know how I know that? Learnt it at Uni!]

Shout-out to GrimSuruDoi who wrote the class descriptions and made me nostalgia-cry!

Studying is a bit like doing school homework. You can do it on a notepad or the computer and you can read books. You have to hand in papers and sit final exams. Classes are rabbitholes but they are quite short and you do see your Sim travel to the venue on the cute new bikes (if you buy one). If you are going to choose 3-4 classes per term be aware that it might feel a little bit repetitive as you wil have a lot more coursework to complete. So I do recommend taking 1-2 classes, at least for the first term until you increase your study speeds [which is a thing], and this will leave you more time to engage with the fun activities and organisations around campus!

The next morning, Cinderelli found a note on the floor. What was this? Was it another secret message from the Scooby Gang? Was someone trying to surreptitiously give her clues about the secret society?


I love that feature though!

There were no classes that day so Cinderelli decided to investigate the campus a little more. Britechester is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Especially in winter. There’s even a swimmable lake area which was looking a little too chilly to explore fully.

The UofB statue had been pranked, so Cinderelli cleaned it up, hoping her good behaviour might attract the attention of the secret society. It didn’t. What it DID attract was the school dragon mascot who crept up behind her and ROAAAAAAAARED!!! Cinderelli laughed and asked them for a selfie! Say ‘Morgan burns things to a crispy cheeeeeeeese!’

Cinderelli also left an offering at the statue… a potato. Hey, it was nice quality and potatoes are a desirable object [in Minecraft]!

When Cinderelli returned to her dorm, her roommate was sobbing under her covers.

‘What’s wrong?’ Cinderelli demanded. ‘Did someone hurt you? Was it the Secret Society? I’ll hurt them!’

Her roommate was just feeling a bit homesick [nostos!] and Cinderelli quickly cheered her up again by cracking dumb jokes and dancing like a goof.

‘I’m feeling better now, you can leave.’

‘Are you sure? Do the chicken back…

‘Yes. Please leave.’

So Cinderelli left. The Potions of Plentiful Needs were helping her to stay on top of her coursework and she had plenty of energy, so she decided to do some mind focusing yoga. It’s a good idea to think about what kind of portable objects you can take with you before you enrol. Yoga mats, potions, grills, etc all come in very handy and you can’t enter build/buy when you are in student accommodation unless you enter cheats. So plan ahead!!!

[I did all these yoga poses today irl!]

With no sign of the Secret Society so far, Cinderelli decided she needed to look a little further afield so she planned a trip to the local library in the centre of campus. She chugged a potion [getting a little addicted there Cinderelli…], attended class and rode to the library.

There she met one of the university organisations, The Brainiacs! They seemed very welcoming and Cinderelli had answered three questions right on University Challenge that week so she quite fancied joining. But they were dastardly robot-slave-owning Foxbury students and couldn’t be trusted! Cinderelli continued to be friendly to them though… keep your friends close and your Foxbury rivals even closer, amirite?

On the pretext of improving her research skills [and actually needing to do some research], Cinderelli used the libraries database system to search for Secret Society clues. Just when she thought she was onto something she was kicked off the server. That’s strange… she thought.

Before the screen went blank, she saw one word…


Will Cinderelli ever discover the secret society? Will the Watcher ever think potatoes are an acceptable offering? Will I ever write a follow-up blog post? Will anyone find out if robots are good at woohoo?

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Happy simming!

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