8 Objects from Discover University that You Didn’t Know Were AWESOME!!!

Thank you to the EA Game Changers program for providing me with an early access code for this expansion pack. You are the heroes I need but don’t deserve.

Yes, yes, yes… we’ve all seen the juice pong table and the bicycles and yes, we all know they are awesome but THIS BLOG ISN’T ABOUT THEM KAREN!!!

What it IS about is the smaller, lesser-known but equally awesome objects that you might have overlooked [and no this isn’t a metaphor for content creators, although it COULD be].

1. Sexy Sectional Sofas!

What!? I hear you gasp. Sextional Sofas!? I have never before seen those in the Sims 4!

Well… no, not exactly, but if you use the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat and the ‘alt’ key for more control over the placement of this sofa and armchair you can create the impression of sectional seating. Nice! And yes, I totally stole this idea from James Turner’s Build Buy Overview video. You should go and watch that. AFTER you’ve finished reading my article, of course.

2. Counter Height Tables

We originally got counter height tables with Dine Out. Most tables in game a regular dining tables which you use a dining chair at, the counter-height tables require a bar stool and add a bit of interesting variety when decorating. I find them very useful and I use them often but I’ve been getting bored of using the same ones all the time. We did get one counter height table with Realm of Magic but it is quite stylised which limits its use.

The Sims 4 Discover University comes with THREE new counter height tables. Two of them are quite rustic looking which is great for more traditional looking bars and restaurants! I’m so happy to have those. However, it is the more modern-looking table I want to focus on.

This table seats EIGHT Sims, so you can fit a whole household around it! It’s great for dining halls, cafes, modern bars and a whole range of scenarios. But the reason I’ve wanted a modern, simple counter-height table for so long is to combine it with kitchen counters to make interesting breakfast bars!

[Note: the normal-height table and dining chair are shown for comparison. The table is base game and the chair is from City Living.]

3. Toilet Stalls

Some players may not understand why so many simmers are extremely excited to get toilet stalls (or ‘cubicles’ if you prefer). Basically, this has been an item which has been requested for a looooong time and it makes community buildings feel more realistic.

The awesome thing about them though, which you might not realise, is that the developers have taken notice of an intense debate raging in the community about the difference between American and European toilet stalls. UK simmers are APPALLED to discover that US bathroom stalls have gaps between the doors so you might accidentally make eye-contact with people while you’re doing your bathroom business. [Seriously… WTF is that about?]

So the devs have gone ahead and made two versions of the bathroom stall. One, the correct UK style stall where no one can watch you poop. And the weird and perverted US style one which makes me want to cry just thinking about it. The gurus have actually exaggerated the size of the gaps for entertainment purposes [much like how I have exaggerated the fierceness of the toilet stall debate].

4. Freestanding Showers

‘It’s ust a shower’, I hear you cry, ‘You ca’t even woohoo in it!’

Oh no no, my friends, this is no ordinary shower! This is a Marks & Spenser’s make-your-own shower! [Shower may or may not be endorsed by UK supermarket chain M&S, I’ve seen no evidence either way].

You can do the usual public shower-room thing and line them up along a wall, which makes communal lots like swimming pools, gyms and dorms feel a little more true-to-life. OR you can use them alongside half-walls, windows and dividers to make wet rooms and customised shower spaces! Bathrooms just got a little bit more interesting.

5. Storage Chests

Yes, we already have some storage chests in the game but storage in The Sims 4 has always been problematic. Sims’ personal inventories everywhere are crying out for a better storage system and this might be it!

The unique thing to note here is that each box has it’s own inventory. The existing storage boxes in the game share an inventory, so if you put a crystal in one box it will show up when you open another on the same lot [like Ender Chests for any Minecraft fans out there]. So you could dump your inventory into a box but it would just be a jumble of items, you couldn’t SORT it.

These new boxes have their own inventory storage, so you could have several on a lot and use one for crystals, one for portable furniture, another for gardening items, etc. This will make managing those overflowing pockets more organised!

Oh and you can also name them! And when you hover the cursor over the box the name will show in a tooltip. I can’t wait to put all my lovely little clay lumps in THIS box!

6. A Simple Single-tile Dresser.

Tiny Lots are all the rage in the simming community right now and it can be hard to fit all your junk into a small dorm room! Which is why this simple 1×1 dresser is so useful! We do have 1×1 dressers in the game already but they are all quite fancy-looking. We finally have a nice simple option which will suit so many rooms.

7. A Tiny Bookcase

Like with the dresser above, this tiny bookcase will be so helpful when space is limited. Most of the bookcases in the game are quite large or over-styled so it’s nice to get this new option. I’d still love a short 1×1 bookcase though in a simple modern style like the dresser.

8. Posters, Posters and More Posters!

I love posters in the game and these ones are a great way to show your Sims’ interests and to personalise their rooms. I especially like the sport, science and music themed posters in this set. And best of all, they are portable! Live Drag is enabled on these posters so you can shift them around the room while playing and even pop them into your inventory. So if you have a favourite poster on the wall of your dorm and you want to take it with you when you move back home, just grab it straight off the wall!

What’s your favourite item from this list? Do you have an awesome object idea you think I’ve missed? Tell me on Twitter @Cinderellimouse!

One thought on “8 Objects from Discover University that You Didn’t Know Were AWESOME!!!

  1. Thank you for this little review! I was debating with myself whether to get the expansion soon to play with the new items and maybe build a little or wait until my current family’s teen is ready for uni … I think I might just go shopping tomorrow.


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