Seasons Mods Updates!

I’ll be working on checking and updating my mods over the next week or so. Thank you all for your patience. I know it’s frustrating waiting for your favourite mods to be updated, I miss my mods folder too! When I have updated my mods and custom content, I will list it below. If the mod or cc is not listed it has not been checked/updated for Seasons and you should remove it from your game until it is listed.

Mods Updated for Seasons:

Auto NPCs (Barista, Stall Vendor and Bartender)

Gain Hygiene from Bubbly Fountain

More Flea Market Objects

Buy Groceries and Fish from GTW Registers

Hire Market Vendors for Free

Free Bartender and Barista!

Portable Basketball Hoop

Portable Slippy Slide Plain Recolours

Alternate Monster Night Light

Storage Crate

Custom Content Updated for Seasons:

(watch this space)

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