Cinderelli Investigates Seasons: Spring

Thank you to EA for providing me with an early access code!

Cinderelli_Sim needed a bit of help to investigate this pack, so she recruited The Beast, The Girl, The Boy and Luna the Cat to help her out. She earned quite a bit of money from her jungle adventures so when they got back they moved into this sweet little cottage, the perfect place for Cinderelli to practice her gardening skills!

When I first loaded the world after installing Seasons, the game asked me which Season I wanted to start in and I chose Spring. Now, I expected it to be the first day of Spring, however, it actually started me on the 6th day out of 7 (huh???). I think it did this because I’d already played in the world and must have last saved on the Friday, the calendar had to match and so the game put me on the Friday of Spring. Sadly, this didn’t give me much time to grow my Spring flowers!

Mildly perturbed, I went ahead and updated the lot with some of the new build/buy goodies! Like THE GLASS ROOFS!!! I plonked one on my greenhouse and I’m so excited to play around with these some more. I remember being really disappointed that TS3 Seasons didn’t come with a greenhouse, so I’m so pleased to get these in Seasons this time!

The first thing I did was jump into Options. I like that you can set the length of the season but I wish we could enable/disable specific seasons like we could in previous games. For review purposes I stuck to the standard 7 days, but when I’m playing normally I think I’ll use the full 28 days.

You also get some weather options where you can disable specific weathers. I guess this is because thunderstorms and blizzards might be particularly dangerous or destructive, so it’s good you can turn those off if you want to. You can also turn off rain and snow which is great because sometimes that can slow performance or just generally bother players, so I’m happy to have all these options.

Lastly, there is a toggle to ‘allow temperature effects on Sims’ and I’m so happy about this! Because, while I love that temperature effects are a thing, I don’t want to always be worrying about them if I’m focused on a different aspect of the game. Plus, some players may find this too hard to manage and prefer to only play the more fun and casual side of the game. Options are good. Yay options!

At the bottom of the screen there’s a little tab that lets you easily check the weather forecast for the day, which is handy at a quick glance. There’s a more detailed 7 day forecast on the calendar. Luckily, the weather was warm and only partly cloudy. Which was good because the Beast is one of those people who insists on wearing shorts in all weathers! Not that Cinderelli_Sim seemed to mind.

I’ll admit… the first few minutes of the game were spent by me giggling at the sunlight that was following The Beast around (which he previously picked up while exploring the jungle) and watching Luna the kitten bounding around and falling on her face.

When I finally got my seasonal act together, I had Cinderelli join the new Gardening career.


Yeah, I’m excited about that! Gardening is always one of my favourite activities in the game and I’m so happy to have it as an actual career option now. Especially since we have the new flower arranging skill!


I love the name of the workplace ‘Peter’s Petals and Pods Landscaping’ and I was so pleased to see this is a Work from Home career with active options! Straight away Cinderelli had the task of purchasing some seeds which, naturally, she did.

Seasons will now affect when plants will grow. I’m very excited about this as it’s something I loved about Stardew Valley, planning ahead and thinking carefully about which plants I wanted to grow each Season. It also adds a bit of extra challenge and difficulty if you are planning on making a living from your plants. But don’t worry, you can still put your plants indoors if you want them to grow all year round!

When you hover over a harvested item or seed in your inventory, you will be able to see which Season the plant will grow in.

Cinderelli planted some seeds and watered them using the new feature that allows you to water a number of plants at once. Instead of watering them one by one, you now water all the plants in the nearby area. This is helpful if you want to speed up the gardening process. It’s less helpful if you quite like your game to be a bit challenging. Cinderelli seemed pretty pleased with herself anyway.

When Cinderelli looked up, she noticed the rest of the family were being a bit chaotic! the Boy had thrown paint all over the ground, so she asked him to clean that up. Luna was being adorably distracting and playing with her ball. But where was The Beast?

Oh… Oh? What’s he doing in there?

I like that The Boy was just stood there watching him like, ‘Dad… why?’

Then… the most adorable feature happened! The Boy autonomously started drawing at the activity table. Only, this wasn’t an ordinary drawing, it was a spring decoration! It was so adorable! Obviously, he must have made this to give to his smother, so I had him pick it up and give it as a gift to Cinderelli! For an awful moment I thought she was going to reject it! It would have broken my heart! Luckily, it was just Cinderelli’s resting b**** face and she did seem happy in the end.

These two features are great! You can click on a Sim and choose to gift money or an item from your inventory. It’s so sweet! I had The Beast start to do woodwork so he can give the sculptures as gifts to the kids as well.

The new seasonal craft activities on the craft table and brilliant as well! There are so many! And the items are very sweet and it’s nice to gradually decorate your home with them throughout the season.

Time to check out some of the other new objects! Cinderelli tried to chat with the Scarecrow a few times, he seems like a pretty chill guy, but I didn’t manage to unlock any new features with him yet. The Beast seemed to have a thing for the bees, he had a want to gather honey. He did ‘disturb’ the bees once without getting stung but I think he annoyed them because Cinderelli later had an uncomfortable ‘stung’ buff. Generally though, The Beast and the bees got along pretty well and soon he had some yummy honey to eat! the honey looks lovely on shelves and I hope I can sell it in my grocery stores!

Hipster Beast: the bee whisperer!

Another great feature is the swing set. The animations are nice and it’s adorable that kids can push one another. The Girl pushes The Boy on the swing in real life, so this was extra sweet to watch! Only… in real life my daughter is usually dangerously close to getting smacked in the face, whereas The Girl had enough common sense to stand to the side.

After the kids had gone to bed, it was time for the grown ups to have some fun! *wriggles eyebrows* Nah, they just played on the swings too! What did you think I meant?

Time for Cinderelli to get back to work! Of course I chose to work from home so I could play with the gardening features more! She was promoted too, which was surprisingly fast! This meant she was given a packet of fruit seeds, which a nice way of getting more seeds without having to actually buy them.

Her assignment was to ‘research a plant’. This is a new interaction where you click on the plant to learn things about it. In this case it meant Cinderelli took photos, made notes and checked the angle of her chin. Once she finished doing all this she unlocked a new entry in her notebook which told her some facts about daisies, like what you can splice them with. Handy!

Luckily, the daisies she’d planted bloomed within the day (I guess springtime is magic time for daises!) and Cinderelli got to try out flower arranging! When you click on the bench you choose the main flower you want to use or you can select ‘all’. I chose ‘daisies’ and it gave me two options to make: just daisies or daisies and bluebells. Now, this is a bit like cooking, you can make the arrangement more cheaply if you have the correct items in your inventory. Or you can make it anyway but it’ll cost you more. The nice thing about this is that it tells you how much it would cost to buy all the ingredients, and how much of a reduction you’ll get if you have some of the ingredients.

I’m the sort of player who likes to have all the ingredients before I can make something, and you can see in the UI that I only had 2 out of the 3 daisies I needed for the first option. The second option, Daisies and Bluebells, only required 2 daisies as well as 2 bluebells. Since I had half the ingredients, it would only cost me half the price to make this bouquet. But I wanted to find the bluebells!

Luckily, The Beast had spotted some wild bluebells while out jogging around the countryside, so Cinderelli set out to find them! I noticed here that the grass was painted with lots of bright yellow flowers, I think this is new to Windenburg because it is springtime.

Once Cinderelli collected the bluebells she had all the required ingredients and the bouquet was free to make! This is great if you want to run a florist business and make bigger profits, because you can keep costs down by growing your own ingredients! I wish that they’d add more ingredients to the cooking system too, like flour and eggs, so we can make all meals for free as well. They have changed the cooking UI though, to show the discounts.

A little detail I really like about flower arranging is that Cinderelli actually used bluebells and daisies in the animation! They could have used a generic animation for all bouquets like in TS2, but it’s a nice touch to see that she used the right flowers. There’s also a Salt Bae animation which tickles me!

When Cinderelli was done with the arrangement she had the option to pick from a selection of vases (which you can change at any time) and you can take a photo of your bouquet! Which is great if you want to run a florist and have pictures of your stock on the walls! I guess this might be useful later on too as you advance through the career.

I’m so pleased to have flower arranging! I like skills that let you craft something useful, like how the painting skill gives you something to decorate your house with. And I’m also happy we finally have something practical to do with the flowers! So yeah… I’ll probably be overusing this one. My only concern is that the arrangements I’ve seen so far have all looked very similar, just with different flowers, and I’d have liked some variety of shapes. But I’ve only just started playing and I hope I can unlock more styles as I progress.

Cinderelli planted the extra bluebells on her patio. The bluebells are a summer plant so she should have plenty of time to grow them next season! Sadly, her only daisy plant went into hibernation in summer (it seemed to die back and look like it had just been planted). It didn’t actually die though, which I was pleased about. I was going to move the daisy into the greenhouse, which I think would have protected it, but I wanted to see what happened if I left it outside.

As Spring drew to a close, The Boy got an invite from Grandma Mouse to go to the coffee shop in Windenburg. I took the opportunity to go and see what changes there were to the town. Not much had changed, but I do wonder if there are more flowers than usual. I’ll have to keep checking back to see what changes.

That’s it for the Springtime! It was very short because it started on day 6/7 and I’d have liked more time to explore. But it’s off to Summer next and I’m sure there be lots to discover there! I’ll leave you with some screenshots of the interior of the house. I prepared the house using pre-Seasons content and added in a few new items when I got the pack, so not everything you see will be from Seasons. But the pre-Seasons version of the lot is on the gallery already if you want to check it out! And I’ll post an updated version to the gallery when I’ve played through all 4 seasons.

Take care and happy simming! =^_o_^=

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