TS4 Download: So Shady Lipsticks

I got tired of using the same 3 lipsticks and frustrated with the lack of natural matte shades to suit all skintones. So I decided to make my own and got carried away as usual! In total I made five lipstick packages.

* Matte Recolours – Natural: I used the matte lipstick from Get Together as a base and reduced the lipliner, especially around the corners of the mouth where the lipstick bleeds off the edges of the lip. I’d call these the ‘everyday shades’ in 30 summery colours. They particularly suit mid-tone skin colours.

* Matte Recolours – Natural Light: These are the lightest shades of lipstick, designed to look like nude lips with no makeup. However, they come in 30 shades of subtle peach, red and pink tones so they give just a hint of colour and are pretty easy to match with lighter skintones.

* Matte Recolours – Natural Dark: I’m in love with grungy late 90’s make up at the moment and these shades are my current favourites (can I haz irl plz?)! They come in 30 brown, red and plum shades. They look best on light to mid skintones, but a couple of colours look pretty glam on darker skintones too.

* Matte Recolours – Daring: 30 bright shades in orange, pink and red tones with a couple of quirky blue and black options for fun! These suit light to mid skintones best.

* Matte Recolours – For Dark Skintones: These lipsticks took the most amount of time as I graduated the colours across the lips to make them blend better and look less blocky on the edges. In the end I’m really pleased with how they turned out and I hope you like them too. There are 40 shades in a range of plummy or soft nude colours and they were made specifically for darker skintones.

Download Here! (SimFileShare)

* Special thanks to Sims 4 Studio and this tutorial on how to change the skin of the model in the viewer which was super helpful!

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