The Junk Mod V2!


I’ve completely re-made this mod from scratch and there are a few changes. Firstly, I have taken away the actual junk pile as I didn’t feel like it fit the art style of TS4 properly. Instead the interactions have been added to most of the outdoor bins you find all around the existing open worlds and on community lots. So you will be able to search for junk as soon as you install the mod without having to set anything up (assuming there is trash in the bin, if the bin is empty you obviously won’t find anything in there because… logic).

You can now specify what kind of trash you are searching for: furniture or electronics. This is useful in different scenarios, for example a runaway teen might be looking for a tent and a shower (furniture), a handy sim might be looking to repair some electronics to sell in their store, or a student might just need some cheap and cheerful furniture for their dorm room.

Of course, it would be too easy if you could simply find a load of awesome stuff in the trash! So to balance this out a little, I reduced the value of the items. So you can’t earn a huge profit from simply selling the items as-is. To make it a bit more realistic I tried to also make the objects dirty or broken where possible, so they will need fixing and cleaning when you pull them out of the trash. Other objects are given descriptive text like ‘wobbly table’ and I created dirty looking swatches for most objects.

However (I’m really excited about this part!!!) I really love the idea of up-cycling salvaged objects. So I spent a lot of time adding custom swatches for many of the items! I particularly chose a festival/beachy style which I think fits the art style of the game. I also found that the beach recolours work really well in Brindleton Bay, especially on the Outdoor Retreat items which have a new lease of life! So once you’ve pulled your salvaged items from the trash and cleaned/repaired them, you can drag the objects onto a lot (community lots work just fine as long as it’s not in the open world) where you can use the design tool to change the look of your items as though the Sim has given them a makeover with some new fabrics! The mod works great for festivals on a budget and I plan to have my design student up-cycle furniture and sell it in a store to pay her way through uni!

I’ve thoroughly tested the mod and everything seems to be up and running perfectly on my end, but do let me know if you find any issues.

MOST PACKS are REQUIRED for the mod to function properly. Outdoor Retreat and Get Together feature heavily. You can still try to use it if you are missing any packs but the missing objects will not drop and the game will throw an exception error at you when it tries to drop those items.

Download Here! (SimsFileShare)

Created with Sims4Studio.

31 thoughts on “The Junk Mod V2!

  1. I tried with a random sim teen as a test and had a lot of fun. So i started another teen and randomly downloaded from the gallery. She was going to be a run-away. Started checking out trash bins in downtown Windenburg AND none worked! After playing for quite a bit I realized why! SHE HAS THE NEAT TRAIT! oooops no wonder she couldn’t check those nasty trash bins! –Jymm


  2. Thank you so much for this! It will no doubt add hours to my gameplay! Also, If it’s not asking too much would it be possible for you to make an upload of just your recolors/swatches for these items as well?


  3. My teen sim is able to grab stuff out of cans: that works perfectly fine. But we found a tent that I would have liked to clean up but it wouldn’t let me. Is there something I need to do for this to work? I was able to clean the table but nothing else was working. Help?


  4. I LOVE this mod so much. Its so fun and useful and realistic.

    One issue though (not too huge) but when you find the DJ Booth and have it in your inventory, the Last Exception kept popping up for me. Nothing too major but just to let you know

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  5. So I’ve come to the conclusion that the Suspicious Mayhem Portable Computer is the best salvageable item in the mod! I found this out when I brought it, the wobbly table and a folding chair on vacation in Selvadorada. Having the ability to place all of them in a rental is priceless. My Writers, Social Media Stars and Tech Gurus love it! –ElderJymm

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  6. This is so awesome! I’m loving it for my Runaway Teen Challenge! One question I had though, was if it’s possible to rummage for food at all? I know it’s possible for sims with the Glutton trait to get food out of trash cans, but I wonder if it’s possible to add that to this mod (so I don’t have to make my homeless sim a glutton)?
    Thank you!!!


  7. This mod is fabulous. It’s a must-have for my rags-to-riches and other poverty-stricken sims. However, the portable shower throws a last exception when it’s rummaged and again when it’s placed. I have a text file for you to reference if needed. Your mods are wonderful, thank you so much for the work you put into them!


  8. I just realized the LE was my fault. I had the objects from the previous version of the mod still installed, and I think THAT was the issue. Continue on, nothing to see here!


  9. Does this still work with Eco Lifestyle? Will you be updating it for (additional) compatibility? I know it is kind of already included, but it would be awesome to be able to have both!


  10. I did some testing, at it appears your mod still works with the ecogeddon patch/expansion; it just doesn’t have the option on dumpsters. Any chance of that being added?


    • Hi there! It always takes me some time to update my mods after a new pack as I produce early access content while I wait for the tools I use to update. But I certainly will be reviewing all my content and updating as much as I can. I’m pleased to hear that you are still interested in using the junk mod alongside EA’s dumpster diving.


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