TS4 Download: Parenthood Counter Top Recolours

I really love the country counters that came with Parenthood and thought they’d look great with the wooden texture from the hipster base game counters. So… here they are! I cloned all the original counter colours and added either a light, dark, or black wood surface depending on the original counter colour for each swatch.

The texture works really well on the wall counters, but sadly it doesn’t quite match when you place different shaped pieces island counters side by side. I don’t think it’s too bad (see pics below).

They are standalone recolours and they do not override the originals.

Parenthood is required for the counter meshes.

Download Here! (SimFileShare)

Update 29/11/2019!

I created a counter add-on based on the island base, so you can mix and match the counters to create interest with the various shelf, drawer and cupboard options. I also added a table that I’ve been using in my game for a while.

Base version:

Add-on version:

Mix n Match:


5 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Parenthood Counter Top Recolours

  1. You’ve done an awesome job with those! 😀 I wish we could simply use all textures that are already in the game on all the furniture.


  2. I wish I discovered your mods earlier, I love them! (the junk mod, archaeology, etc). Great job and thanks for sharing, I appreciate it!

    P.S. Do the junk and archaeology mod work with the November 7 patch?


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