My Ideal Expansion and Game Pack Wishlist

In an ideal world we’d have ALL THE THINGS!!! And so I thought I’d make a post about all the things I’d love to see in the game and how I think they could be compiled. I tried to spread things evenly under umbrella themes. For example, I’d love for all the base game careers to have expanded options such as work-from-home; active careers; or just more interactive supportive features. But I’ve spread the careers evenly between packs.

Expansion Packs!

* Country Life: Seasons with a farming twist!

– Weather, seasons and in-game calendar!
– Seasonal crops.
– Country themed world!
– Community festivals: farmer’s market; craft fair; spring fling; harvest festival; etc.
– Community activities: egg hunts; baking and craft competitions; fairground games; mechanical bull.
– Updated recipe and ingredients system.
– Updated culinary career: gives active/work-from-home component to chef and mixologist tracks incorporating updated recipe system and nectar making.
– Basic weather related activities: splashing in puddles; raking leaves; woohooing in leaf piles; sunbathing; snowman building; etc.
– Crafts: canning/preserve making; flower arranging; nectar making.
– Farm animals: cows for milk; chickens for eggs. Horses! LLAMAS!!!
– Greenhouses
– Sprinklers
– meat and dairy crops (because sims)
– community opportunities: go to the town notice board to receive opportunities to help out your neighbours and get rewards.
– New community centre venue!

* Generations:

– Active schools! Customise your schools: public or private? Set the curriculum. Choose a uniform.
– Return of the TS2 headmaster!
– Proms
– School clubs: science; chess; newspaper; art; ballet; soccer; etc.
– Active education and childcare careers: work at an existing school or open your own! Run a nursery or work as a home-based childminder.
– Child Development Skill
– Improvements to Weddings
– Pre-teens!
– New activities and objects: ballet; soccer; normal sized telescope!
– More playground equipment.
– More pranks!
– Punishments (with different options for different families).
– Customisable imaginary friends!
– Small campus world: with different pre-made schools and a central park/playground area.
– New venue: School

* Superstar:

– Optional Fame System: hire an agent and start your path to fame! Or fire them and go back to a life of anonymity.
– New world: Studio Town! Based on LA.
– Active update to musician career. Form a band, practice in your garage and play gigs. Hang-out at the recording studio. Record music videos. Eventually play sell-out concerts at the big stage arena!
– Drums (new instrument)
– Rock radio station.
– New Fashion Career: sketch fashions as a designer or hit the catwalk as a model! Sit as an artists model (or hire a model if you are an artist). Judge others as you’d like them to judge you.
– Updated writer career: You can now become a celebrity writer and hold book signings. Or flex your journalistic muscles and get the latest celebrity scoop (who cares if you made it all up if it sells copies!?). Hit the fashion shows and make or break designers and models with you scathing reviews. Give gigs, plays, concerts and records five gold plumbobs or five rotten llamas.
– Acting/Directing career: whether you are a thespian working the stage, or a rising star with an eye for the silver screen, you can make it or break it in the acting world!
– Updated comedian career to allow for active gigs!
– New event: autograph session.
– Cosmetic Surgery option for CAS.
– Hire a photographer! Whether you are a fashion model in need of headshots, a magazine editor in need of a perfect front cover image; or you are getting married and want to remember your special day! An NPC photographer can capture those special moments for you.
– New venues: theatre; arena; recording studio; film studio; fashion house; publishing house.

* Pets:

– Cats and dogs.
– Small pets: rabbits, snakes, birds, rodents.
– Pet shops!
– Active vet career.
– Active pet stylist career.
– Active pet trainer career.
– Agility courses.
– Pet shows.
– Argh! Werewolves!

* University:

– New world with different themed campus sub-hoods to choose from (Elite; Science and Tech; Art and Design) and a shared community lot district.
– LOTS of courses (more like TS2 than TS3) that give different benefits, and boosts to various careers.
– Dorms: find a perfect dorm to suit your needs and move in alone or together with other friends as part of your active household, but you better grab the best dorm rooms quickly before they fill up with NPC students!
– Sororities and Fraternities: join an existing Greek House or apply to start your own! Each one has different requirements; activities; perks and rush events so choose very very wisely! Once you become a fully fledged member you can expect life-long benefits and perks!
– Scholarships, fees and student loans.
– Secret Societies: There are rumours that these exist but you don’t really believe it. But if they DID exist you can be sure one would be an elite gang of world-leaders that are definitely not called the Simluminati and do not use spies and propaganda tools. The other would absolutely not be a criminal network ruled by a super villain and a string of cat burglars and hackers, and you are certainly not planning on overthrowing said crime lord and taking over the band of stylish misfits. That is not a secret entrance, stop looking over there!
– Student Tribes: Will you hang out with the arty students, the rebels, the jocks, the geeks, the activists, or the socialites? You are more likely to find certain types of student on certain lots and in certain districts: the jocks are found at the gym or sports field, the socialites can be found on the elite campus, and the rebels can be found at the bar. Getting in with the right (or wrong) crowd could unlock certain interactions and campus secrets!
– Updated base game careers to add active options and more interactions and objects:
– Athlete: pick a team (Granite Falls Bears? San Myshuno Llamas? [Insert name of farming world here] Cows?) Be a mascot and wear the costume! Become a cheerleader. Do gymnastics to entertain the fans! Pick a specialist sport: Athletics; Gymnastics; Body Building; Swimming. Compete to win scholarships and prizes!
– Updated Astronaut career to add active component. The space race is on so you’d better get used to zero gravity!
– Business: brush up on your presentation skills with the white-board; learn to negotiate over a relaxing game of golf; become a pro at the stock market; invest in local businesses until you can perform a hostile takeover (own community venues like bars and art galleries; hire and fire NPCs; earn a tidy profit from each owned business with minimal effort).
– Criminal: You got in with the right wrong crowd at uni, first it was just some light grade hacking; then you moved on to siphoning funds from the bank; finally you found an old printing press and started printing your own notes (I loved that in the Secret Society in TS2). Your burglary skills have improved, you can now break in to Sims’ homes and into banks! Other Sims might get a surprise visit from criminal sims in the middle of the night.
– Secret Agent: Actively infiltrate clubs and societies to gather information; use classic techniques to spy on other sims like the old ‘hiding behind two shrubs’, ‘rummage through trash’, and ‘look cool in a classic mac and fedora’. Work from the Super-Duper-Secret-Society HQ where you might print propaganda on the printing press, infiltrate online crime syndicates; or use the spy-centre to keep a close eye on any shady sims.
– New Venue: Bank/Financial – for investors to work at; criminals to rob; and sims to get loans (university can be expensive!).
– New Venues: Dorms; Greek Houses; Secret Society.

Game Packs:

* Tropical Island

– Escape to a tropical island: stay at a luxury resort or rough it on a deserted island.
– Sunbathe on a beach towel or on a pool lilo.
– Enjoy the pool bar.
– Play beach or pool volleyball.
– Relax in the hot springs.
– Make sandcastles
– Snorkel or comb the beach for shells and sea glass.
– Find a treasure map an search for buried treasure.
– Explore the pirate ship!
– Meet the locals and learn the hula!
– Explore ancient ruins.
– Buy a vacation home.
– Tiki and Nautical themed items.

* Winter Vacation

– Stay in a cosy log cabin in a snow capped mountain resort.
– Enjoy active sports such as snowboarding or skiing.
– Skate on the ice rink or frozen lakes.
– Build and igloo and camp out!
– Learn how to make beautiful ice sculptures.
– Relax in a sunken hot tub!
– Drink new hot drinks like mulled nectar, spiced apple juice, and cinnamon infused cocoa!
– Learn to yodel (but try not to start an avalanche!).

* Hobbies and Interests (Based on TS2 Freetime)

– Declare up to three specific interests for each Sim and customise their personality more!
– Choose from many interests such as: fashion and beauty; gaming; cooking; gardening; science; history; music; sport; art and culture; motoring; etc
– Your Sim will naturally choose to do activities that fulfil their interests, and their wants will reflect this.
– Complete activities and read magazines to further your Sims knowledge of a particular interest.
– Become an expert in your hobby and inspire and tutor other sims.
– New objects include:
– CARS!!! – your motor-heads will love restoring vintage automobiles or working on the engine of the latest sports car. Tinker with the engine, upgrade the radio, give it a new coat of paint and wax to a shine! Add decals, body-work and upgrade the suspension if you really want to impress and get some woohoo action on the back seat! But remember, you’re going to have to learn to drive first!
– A sculpting station and pottery wheel for your arty types.
– Updated painter career to allow for work-at-home/active.
– Updated Tech Guru Career to allow work-at-home/active.

* Magic Pack:

– Whether you want to be a wizard (Harry), a witch or a fairy, you’ll be able to customise your magical Sims in CAS with a wide variety of options just like Vampires! Will they have wings? Elf Ears? Will the hide their true form?
– New themed CAS and Objects: Sorcerer or Woodland.
– A new Magical world based on classic dark fairy-tales.
– A new Magic Skill (even humans can learn simple magic and tricks but it won’t come as naturally and is more likely to go badly wrong!).
– A magical festival where you can pick up supplies; duel other magical sims; or impress others with your tricks.
– Will you use your magic for good or mischief?
– Magical recipes and potion making!
– Magical plants and rare ingredients.
– A beehive for honey and beeswax.
– Candle making (from the bees wax and other ingredients): different candles have different effects.
– A spinning wheel (if you’re lucky you might spin some golden thread, a very rare and expensive ingredient).
– Magical wands and spells!
– Spells and potions range from simple to expert! Simple magic uses cheap, easy-to-find ingredients and help with day to day things like cleaning the house or cheering up friends. Higher-level magic will require more costly and rare ingredients but will have dramatic effects such as summoning a Sim from beyond the grave; petrifying a sim into a stone or gold statue; creating a familiar (if you have Pets); or instant fame (if you have Superstar). I like cross over features, so would love a ‘vampirification’ spell for example.
– Performing magic on your home lot can spawn magic crystals, mushrooms and other magical phenomena! This can sometimes be helpful, providing ingredients for spells, or it can cause a nuisance!

2 thoughts on “My Ideal Expansion and Game Pack Wishlist

  1. I want so many of these packs!!!! So glad Seasons is finally happening, but we NEED university life and tropical island they would be so good. I would also love a school pack and superstar!


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