TS4 Downloads: Archaeology Mod

This content is no longer supported as we have official content in the form of the Jungle Adventures Game Pack.


One of my Sims was an Indiana Jones type archaeologist and university professor in TS3. Although we can dig up fossils and things in TS4, I felt like I needed a bit of extra content to support my gameplay and so I made this small archaeology mod.

In the buy catalogue you will find a couple of new items under the knowledge tag. The main one is a rock similar to the existing fossil rock in the game. One difference is that this rock can be bought and carried in your inventory. This allows you to set up an archaeological dig site wherever you like.

When you click on this rock you will get the option to ‘uncover relics’. You will then get one of several new relic objects in your inventory. There is also a chance that this interaction will drop a rubble pile that you can sift through to uncover more relics.






I converted several relic meshes from TS3 World Adventures and several swatches, so there is a decent variety of relics that can drop from this first version of the mod.

The relics can be placed in the world and your sim can ‘analyze’ them which will drop ‘academic notes’ into their inventory.





Finally, the relics can either be sold to the art gallery for a tidy little profit. Or you can donate them to a museum. The academic notes can also be sold for a bit of side income.


I also have my archaeologist use the writing skill to publish his findings, and will use the podium for lectures, but the mod doesn’t currently add any extra options to these.


The mod uses code and features from the detective career from the Get to Work expansion pack, so this is required.

Please install ALL the files that are contained in the zipped folder as they are all required for the mod to function correctly. However, you can keep them inside the sub-folder to keep them organised together.

This content is no longer supported as we have official content in the form of the Jungle Adventures Game Pack.

21 thoughts on “TS4 Downloads: Archaeology Mod

  1. What a good idea. I can’t wait to try this one out. I definitely miss a lot of aspects of World Adventures – exploration and relic collection being one of them. This is a welcomed addition to my game.


  2. Hi, I like this mod, but found a small problem. Once placed the dig site cannot be moved or deleted and does not disappear when it is dug, but can be dug over and over again. Also, when a rubble pile is dug it will disappear, as expected, but when you leave the lot and return at a later time the rubble pile is back.

    Could you try to fix the mod so that the dig site is removable and so that the rubble pile stays gone forever after it has been dug? Thanks.


    • Removing the mod from the game does remove the dig site and rubble pile from the game, so the mod is still perfectly usable as long as you understand that any dig site you place is permanent until you delete the mod from your game, so placement should be done with some thought.


      • Hello, for me the dig site is removable. If you place it on your home lot you should also be able to drag it to and from your inventory. You can see on the images that the Sim is on the beach in Windenburg, I pulled the dig site into his inventory to place it there and picked them up again afterwards. I’m not sure why this option is not available in your game. Could you please tell me which expansions and packs you have installed?


  3. Nevermind, i misunderstood what I was reading, sorry! I thought it was a carer choice you can find on the menu and stuff. Although i have to ask, will you be a making a career for the sims 4 in the future?


    • I don’t have plans to make any careers for TS4 at this point. They are quite time consuming to do and the chance of the gurus adding new careers is high. So I’m waiting to see what they get up to. ^____^


  4. This was such a great Idea!! I miss this aspect of digging/finding 😦 I wish they had kept this realness in sims 4…Do you plan to add on more items in the future?


  5. This mod is currently not working for me (I’m trying it now xD) and I cannot analyze relics or anything just view or put in inventory. I’m not sure if the Nov7 patch broke it but do you plan on updating?


  6. awww-i came to check if you updated this. I love this whole idea. I miss world adventures as well. There isn’t really a lot of things to do to create a “story” for sims to live out in each household in sims 4-aside from just personal interactions so thought this would be awesome (i mean there are things to do but they are kind of missing any relevance to anything. You can do them but they don’t really have a purpose). I’ll keep checking for an update. Very nice mods!


  7. I just wanted to drop a line and say that I’m another fan, looking forward to an update of this mod when you have the time. It looks wonderful, and I can’t wait for an opportunity to play it!


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