TS4 Download: Hire Market Vendors for Free


I was really happy to find we could place the City Living market stalls on our own lots. I was less happy to find that I had to pay $100 to hire a vendor. I don’t know about you, but when I visit a park and I fancy a burrito or a cup of tea, I don’t expect to pay for someone to tend the stall!

So I made a quick tuning mod to change the price from $100 to $0. This works for most market stalls including those from City Living, Seasons, Jungle Adventures, Cats and Dogs, Strangerville and Island Living. The only exception is the fish stall from Island Living which seems to be missing the ‘hire vendor’ interaction.

This is an Override mod, as such it will conflict with any other mod which incorporates the following file:

* si_MarketStalls_HireNPC 143546 00000000000230BA

Download Here! (SimFileShare)

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