TS4 Download: Hide Lot Trait Effects (Base Game)

Update: People are reporting that this mod is no longer working after the last patch. I have looked at the files and there are no apparent changes. The mod is also still working in my game. Therefore I cannot update it as there are no changes to be made. If the mod is not working for you, perhaps you could try this one at MTS: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=586006


This is just a quick tuning mod to remove the FX from around a Sims head if you are using the new lot traits. You will still get the buff and the skill gains etc. This is just for the traits that were patched to the base game on October 27th 2016.

Download Here!


8 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Hide Lot Trait Effects (Base Game)

      • It’s not working now for me either on the base game lot traits. I just played for the first time since patching and saw the effects on a lot with the Homey trait.

        I’m going to remove the affected traits for now, but I hope you can update this soon!


      • Hi there, I posted an update at the top of the page yesterday. I have looked at the patch files and couldn’t see any changes. The mod is still working for me, so I can’t see why it is not working for others. In the meantime, I posted a link to another mod that has the same purpose, and maybe that will work for those who are having issues.


  1. Hi! It looks like this works for other traits, just not the homey traits. I’m currently playing on a lot with homey and bracing breezes and my sim can exercise without getting any of the effects, but gets the effect when cooking.


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