Random Thoughts on City Living

Ok, let’s get this one over with… Apartments. I was so disappointed to hear we can’t build our own apartments with City Living. I’ve been building pretend apartments since the base game and was really looking forward to making them run more smoothly. The pretend ‘apartments’ I have now are sort-of functional, I like that door locking was patched in, because that’s really helpful for keeping the right Sims in the right spaces. But there are issues surrounding money management, where other sims in other apartments will be earning money from their careers or spending money on food, and it’s not very realistic to have 4 households who are supposed to be living in separate apartments having a shared bank account! So, there are things I hope to see in the future, like having individual funds for sims as well as the ‘household funds’ and to be able to move money between them as we do with retail and business funds. I’m hoping that we will get more tools to help us build our own apartments and dorms in a University expansion.

Some of us are thinking ‘We can’t build our own apartments!’ and while we can’t build City Living apartment lots, we can build functional apartments already, we’ve been doing it since the base game, we just need a few more tools to help make them more functional.

I also see people saying ‘this pack has nothing for builders, it concentrates on gameplay’. I’d like to question this idea a little. Firstly, if builders aren’t interested in gameplay, then why are they bothered about the functionality of apartments? To someone only interested in building, we have been able to build ‘apartments’ since the base game. And there is a TON of new content for builders to stick their teeth into in this pack, there are some gorgeous new windows and doors, and interesting architectural pieces that can be seen in the trailers. Also, it appears there is advanced window placement options, with windows placed on foundations, and stackable windows. So, while I sympathise with the concerns, if we look at it critically, there is actually a lot of stuff for builders in this pack.

Apartments also give players a new challenge. I can’t wait to see what the community does with these small spaces! Our interior design skills will really be challenged if we choose to decorate a tiny apartment on a budget!

Gameplay wise, these apartments look very interesting and fun to play! I personally loved TS2 Apartment Life and I loved the experience of having interesting neighbours. I really get the same feel from this expansion, and I love the concept of starting out in a very questionable flat with faulting plumbing, insect infestations, and a creepy landlord! Then working your way up to a cool artists loft, and maybe eventually to a swanky penthouse! I love that I now have new ways for my Sims to live, that I can tell their stories in new ways. Is this sim a ruthless businessman with a modern luxury high rise? Or are they a bohemian rebel artist, spray-painting motifs onto their bare brick walls? And my Sims can now rent instead of owning a property, which makes things much more realistic! I love the idea of traits for lots, and that each apartment will have different perks or faults. I think that will be really interesting!

Do I still feel a tinge of disappointment. Yes. But if I put that one annoyance aside this really does look like an amazing pack with a ton of content! Some of the highly requested objects are making a return: basketball; the gaming console; karaoke; a keyboard; and graffiti! The world looks great! I like that the different districts have their own unique theme, it reminds me of Urbz. I love the idea of festivals like Geekcon! And I’m thrilled that we’re getting more variety of cultural influences because that reflects the diversity of cities in real life. It also allows more players to reflect their own cultures in the game. It’s inclusive, and that’s great!

There will still be more content that we haven’t heard about yet. I’m interested in hearing more about the three new careers (politics; social media; and critic) and learning more about how these will function. I’m so pleased that the podium will be making a return, and that Sims can hold protests again!

We need to ask ourselves if this pack has enough good stuff to outweigh our disappointment over apartment restrictions. For me, this is slightly pouty but enthusiastic YES!!!

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on City Living

  1. Very well written article.I agree with your point of view even though I am a little disappointed that we cannot have apartments in other worlds.But overall,I am really liking this EP!


    • Yeah, this comment from SimGuruEugi says that they were trying to get something in the pack for everyone. I do see the point about if they focused on one aspect too much, then that would make another group feel left out:

      We do listen. If we didn’t listen, we wouldn’t be here. Many players want many different things. If we not only listened, but actually executed on what every single player wanted, we’d have to ship thousands of versions of the game. Part of our job is gathering all the feedback and come up with a product that’s feasible and satisfies the most common case.

      If we concentrated all our efforts on delivering a pack that was all about building apartments, then it’d be unfair to those players that care less about building and more about storytelling, for example. If you’re all about building, I think you’ll really enjoy penthouses and what’s going to be in the pack. And if you’re not into building at all, you’ll also get a lot of enjoyment out of City Living. There’s something there for everyone. That’s what listening is all about.

      Link: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/782859/simulation-tech-talk/p50


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