The Banditos Family: Week 1 Round Up!

06-19-16_11-42-32 PM

This is just a mini-blog of other things that happened to the Banditos family that didn’t quite fit into a full blog post.

Firstly, Nancy invited Carlos and Sophia to a party at the Art Gallery in Willow Creek. Hmmm… could they be planning something? The couple did some romantic canoodling afterwards and I got some pretty screenshots.

06-19-16_11-32-59 PM

06-19-16_11-35-04 PM

06-19-16_11-35-21 PM

06-19-16_11-36-35 PM

06-19-16_11-43-20 PM

06-19-16_11-44-10 PM

06-19-16_11-45-48 PM

06-19-16_11-46-08 PM

06-19-16_11-47-07 PM

Marcos took his little sister Isabella to the park where she made a friend, Lena Clausen! And Maroc made friends with another of my Sims, Craig Mitchel (who I haven’t blogged about yet).

06-22-16_9-33-40 PM

06-22-16_9-35-47 PM

06-22-16_9-36-12 PM

06-22-16_9-43-44 PM

06-22-16_9-45-16 PM

06-22-16_9-46-57 PM

06-22-16_9-48-24 PM

06-22-16_9-50-28 PM

Marcos went to the gym with Craig, and I think I started a gym club for them! These two are going to be friends because they’re both into exercise and are both a little vain. XD

Then they went to the cafe in Windenburg which I converted into a restaurant.

07-07-16_9-58-09 PM

07-07-16_10-00-42 PM

07-07-16_10-04-07 PM

07-07-16_10-06-07 PM

07-07-16_10-22-40 PM

07-07-16_10-49-01 PM

07-07-16_10-50-26 PM

07-07-16_11-24-51 PM

07-07-16_11-15-47 PM

07-07-16_11-16-46 PM

There was a cute moment where Marcos caught his sister crying under the covers and talked it out with her. ❤

06-22-16_10-42-46 AM

06-22-16_10-43-01 AM

06-22-16_10-43-08 AM

06-22-16_10-44-59 AM

06-22-16_10-45-16 AM

Antonio played cards with Estelle, these two are getting along quite well now.

06-22-16_10-58-15 AM

And I was trying to mod the photo studio so that Sims can play from the model’s perspective. I want to be able to send Sophia on modelling jobs while the household is active (even if I have to pay her with the money cheat). I got it halfway working then managed to break it. *sigh* But it’s on the to-do list unless Maxis get to it first!

06-22-16_11-16-47 AM

06-22-16_11-17-34 AM

06-22-16_11-18-28 AM

06-22-16_12-04-21 PM

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