Custom Content Skirts by Oh My Sims

08-12-16_8-41-23 PM

I wanted to make a quick post about some really useful Maxis Match custom content I recently added to my game. I’ve felt like there is a lack of variety of skirts in the game so far, skirts tend to be either too short or too office-looking, which is fine but they don’t suit all Sims in all situations. However, there are some nice skirts attached to full outfits in the game, I tend to find myself using these very often but this means my Sims often end up wearing the same clothing just in different colours.

The fabulous Marion at Oh My Sims recently separated FOUR of these full outfits into separate tops and bottoms. Not only this, but she also made variations to the clothing: offering different skirt lengths, colours, patterns, and designs.

* GP03 Flower Dress
* EP02 Cropped High Waisted
* Base Game Classic Drape Dress
* EP02 Boat Skirt

08-12-16_8-48-46 PM

Separating these outfits allows for much greater freedom and choice when it comes to creating new outfits. The pieces are much more flexible and add so many more options! There is admittedly a little bit of clipping, and not every combination will work. However, as someone who has been struggling to find suitable skirt options, these pieces are very welcome in my game!

The tops too can be re-thought to make new outfits, I really like the cropped lace-panel vest from EP02 and it looks great with skinny jeans! As does the 3/4 length sleeve top in the longer variation.

08-12-16_8-43-48 PM

08-12-16_8-43-58 PM

It’s great to have all these separates for the game, so THANK YOU MARION!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

And I hope you all find them as useful as I do!

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08-12-16_8-39-26 PM

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