TS4 Download: Portable Professional Photography Studio

This content is no longer supported since we now have official items in Moschino Stuff.

08-26-16_7-49-07 PM

While playing with the handheld cameras and the photography skill in my game this week, I randomly had the idea of making a portable version of the photo studio camera. So… I made one! I also separated out the backdrop and a lamp. All three objects are portable, can be put in an inventory, and can be dragged in live mode on lots. All three objects have their own new custom tuning.

The Camera:

The camera has the usual functionality of the photo studio minus the interactions for the backdrop. You can tend the camera, and take photos of specific individuals or groups of Sims. It has all the usual filters and settings.

The main differences are that it doesn’t have a backdrop, so you can create your own setting for the photos or take it outside and find somewhere pretty. It can now be added to your Sim’s inventory, so you can take it out to community lots or even place it off-lot in the open world (you can’t drag it into position while off-lot though and need to rely on the random placement of the ‘Place in World’ interaction, like on yoga mats). The difference between this and the handheld camera is that you have the ‘Tend’ and ‘Group’ photo interactions, and you can also earn money from taking photos of Sims.

You need to leave a bit of room for Sims to route in front of the camera when taking a photo as the positions are still in the same place, despite the footprint being smaller.

I tried to add a generic ‘take photo’ interaction for still life instead of portraits, but was unable to get it to work properly. I may update if I figure it out. If you want to take still life photos, just take a handheld camera out with you too!

08-26-16_7-46-52 PM

08-26-16_3-19-43 PM

08-26-16_2-49-12 PM

08-26-16_2-45-47 PM

08-26-16_2-46-52 PM

08-26-16_2-39-02 PM

08-26-16_2-37-44 PM

The Backdrop:

I separated the backdrop (with two large lights still attached) so it could be used as a separate item. I gave it the footprint of a rug so Sims can route through it into position, this also avoids any problems when placing it with the camera so Sims can always get into position. It is live drag enabled and inventory-able, so when on a lot you can move it about into position behind a Sim.

This gives you the option of using the backdrop with the normal handheld cameras, so instead of using the poses that come with the Photo Studio, you can use a custom pose if you like. Or catch a Sim doing something interesting like playing a guitar or posing on a chair. Just get your Sims into position, pause, slide in the backdrop, and take your photo! It just gives you a bit more freedom than when using it only with the photo studio interactions.

The backdrop still has all the different designs and the option to choose between them. All camera actions have been disabled.

08-26-16_7-39-37 PM

08-26-16_8-12-04 PM

Watch out for photobombing! XD

The Lamp:

I separated one lamp from the rest of the mesh and disabled the backdrop and camera interactions. Then I made it live-drag enabled, and inventory enabled. You can drag it around into position on lots, and it can be placed and picked up off-lot using the interactions. I also gave it the functionality of normal lights, so you can choose the brightness and the colour of the light, and turn the lamp off and on.

This means that you can choose the lighting for your subject while in the studio or out on location. You can also drag the lamps around in live mode to get the lighting and shadows exactly right.

The footprint is a little off-centre but it’s still easy to move them into position. I also gave them the footprint of a rug so that you can position them wherever you like without them blocking routing or other equipment.

08-26-16_8-08-19 PM

08-26-16_8-00-41 PM

08-26-16_7-55-58 PM

08-26-16_5-55-44 PM

Portable Professional Photography Studio Kit:

I’ve been playing around with this for quite a while in different scenarios, I find these objects much more flexible for if you are playing with a professional photographer, especially if your subject is Sims rather than scenery. Having the different pieces means that you have much more flexibility when it comes to what you want to shoot. For the full kit I recommend:

* One professional studio camera ($400)
* One backdrop ($200)
* Two lamps ($100 each)
* One handheld camera (not included, these are already in game)

I set the prices for the individual pieces to total the same price as the full photo studio ($800), and you can create the same studio set-up with the individual pieces if you want to. Handheld cameras are purchased separately, as usual, and you can choose the quality/price. These items do not override the original items and can be found separately in the creative activities tab in buy mode. The lamps are also tagged to appear in the lighting category under floor and misc.

Things to Note:

* The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion is REQUIRED for all the items to function. I did not include unnecessary tuning or resources so the expansion is essential for these items to work correctly.

* I only had one issue while playing: once when I tried to place the camera off-lot in Windenburg it mysteriously vanished. I tested it many many times after that in different worlds with different sims and the issue never happened again. If this happens, I recommend using the money cheat to add back the funds and pretend it is an insurance pay-out. I’m not sure why it happened, it seemed to be a random glitch.

* The live drag feature only works while on a lot. When off lot (in the world area) you need to use the ‘place in world’ and ‘add to inventory’ interactions on the object instead.

* Tools I used for this were Sims4Studio and Blender.

Finally, I thought I’d already seen this mesh separated somewhere but looked everywhere I could think of and couldn’t find it again. While I was hunting, Jim Tracy kindly pointed out another set to me, which you may also like: http://kewai-dou.com/photo-studio-set-sims4-object/

If anyone knows of another creator who has separated this mesh, please let me know so I can add a link.

This content is no longer supported since we now have official items in Moschino Stuff.

14 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Portable Professional Photography Studio

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I had forgotten all about the professional photography studio and now I can take it “on the road” instead of trying to make it fit in my sims’ houses. :-]


  2. Hello! So I am obsessed with the possibilities this mod opens up for the studio in regards to making in-game art and decoration. (I’ve downloaded and I love) I was thinking about how to get around the issue of not being able to take a picture without selecting a sim when I thought of a solution!

    My idea is to have three clothing items (shoes, full body, and hat) that work like broken CC and actually make the sim invisible. Then, you could select the invisible sim and take a picture of whatever you want in the background!

    I tried finding a way of getting my idea to a CC creator (since my system is WAY too old and is a mac anyway, so I can’t do it myself) but so far I’ve met with no success. Since the mechanic of taking a scenic photo with the studio appeals to you as well as others, I was wondering if you might be able to accomplish such a feat? Or if you know anyone who could? To my knowledge it doesn’t sounds particularly difficult, but then again I’m no modder.


    • Hmm… I’m not sure if I could manage that myself but I like your thinking! You can take scenic photos with the handheld camera that can be found in the activities and skills tabs. Are you specifically wanting to take scenic photos with the tripod camera?


      • Definitely, because I like the different frame (as in shape of actual photo) options that come with the tripod. Additionally, the tripod won’t ever move and you can be sure that as long as the camera is in the same spot, if you wanted to take multiple pictures with different subjects it will literally have the same angle position as the ones before.

        I LOVE being able to use the tripod independent of it’s lights and background, but I would like the option of say, using said invisible sim and then having a sim in a cc pose behind it. Also the rebel in me hates the idea that “it can’t be done” so I had to come up with a workaround. 😛 (One day my genius will be used for the good of the world, for now I’m using it for my all-important sims 4 game. :D)

        It would be helpful even if you knew someone I could ask! Since you expressed a disappointment in scenic photos not being a natural or moddable option, I thought it would be a good idea to relay my idea to you. 🙂

        (Funny side story: the reason I thought of this was because when I first discovered CC, I downloaded some clothes and tested them on a random sim in a non-played household. One of the dresses was broken so it left nothing but the head (which I had in a crown and day-of-the-dead face paint) and the feet. I forgot to undo this so I had this floating skull head that would show up at parties and stuff. It was creepy, but endlessly hilarious for me!)


      • I’ve had some weird clothing glitches in the game too! XD

        Sims4Studio is always a good place to find advice on modding and custom content. It’s something I could look into but I’m going to be swamped with coursework for the next few weeks and it kind of fries my brain.


  3. LOL I totally get it. I’m editing a book right now so I don’t have as much time for gaming or reading right now–much to my sorrow. But thank you, I will definitely look into Sims4Studio! 🙂 Good luck! Pro tip: best solution to fried brains is fries and a shake. At least that was my moto, and look how I turned out! 😀 No I don’t regret not being a size 7 anymore!


  4. I LOVE this whole set up – its making photographing my sims so much easier. Question how do i get my sim to stand on the backdrop? She will walk across it but when i click on it there is no “go here” command. Please help?


  5. I’m not able to find the items.. The game detected that it’s installed but I couldn’t seem to find it. Can you give me a more specific and proper detail on finding these objects on the game? Thanks


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