The Banditos Family: Pre-Stripped Poker!

06-19-16_10-24-03 PM

It was the weekend and the mood in the Banditos house was upbeat! Carlos was taking a day off from the new restaurant and had had a long lie-in. He went to find his wife who seemed to be going through some kind of obsessive yoga phase, not that he minded the flexibility!

(I had a GTA V flashback here so encouraged Carlos to move away quickly before he embarrassed himself by joining in!)

06-19-16_10-27-39 PM

06-19-16_10-33-29 PM

Carlos was pleased to find his daughter practising the piano and his son playing chess, he’d raised a couple of smart kids there! Then he found his brother practising his dance moves, Carlos joined in happily.

‘Hey, Tony, what do you say we hit the town together later? Have a lad’s night like the old days?’

Antonio seemed a little reluctant, ‘Not tonight mate,’ he said, shaking his head, ‘I’m meeting… someone.’

Carlos chuckled, ‘You know what they say, Tony. Bros before…’

‘Not tonight,’ Antonio interrupted. ‘Anyway, the guys at the launderette are getting restless. They haven’t seen you for while and they feel like you’re ignoring them. Maybe you should go and spend some time with the old crowd, huh?’

‘This is why I appreciate you, Tony,’ Carlos exclaimed, slapping his brother on the back, ‘You tell it to me like it is. I know you’ll always be honest with me.’

‘Yeah,’ Antonio mumbled.

06-19-16_10-38-20 PM

06-19-16_10-38-09 PM

06-19-16_10-35-35 PM

06-19-16_10-39-04 PM

Carlos arrived at the old place and breathed in the dry desert air happily, the smell of prickly pear in the breeze reminded him of his childhood playing in the dusty dunes.

He walked into the launderette first, greeted by the familiar whirring and banging of the machines. He greeted the girl behind the counter but she was bad-tempered as usual. Next time they took on a new girl he’d hire them himself and choose someone more agreeable. This was what happened when he let his brother run things!

‘I can’t talk,’ Estelle snapped, ‘we’re behind on our work because the shipment you promised us didn’t arrive on time.’

‘Then you should have called me…’ Carlos began, spreading his arms helplessly.

‘I did,’ Estelle cut him off mid-sentence, ‘I called but your phone was switched off. But no worry, you’re brother sorted it out.’

06-19-16_10-42-38 PM

06-19-16_10-44-22 PM

06-19-16_10-44-55 PM

06-19-16_10-44-00 PM

Carlos didn’t like being spoken too like that by a mere employee. So he went next door to the gym to find Sullivan. It was busy when he walked in, the gym was a mess, and Sully looked busy. Carlos decided to use the machines while he waited. Wow, too much time tasting food and planning new cocktails at the restaurant had made him out of shape! He’d have to make time to hit the gym more often.

Eventually, Sully walked over with his usual frown fixed in place.

‘It’s been too busy since we lost the rest of the old crew,’ Sully complained, ‘There is too much work and the shipments are not reliable. We need to hire more staff.’

‘We’ve been over this before,’ Carlos huffed and turned off the treadmill, slouching over to catch his breath, ‘I invested too much money in the restaurant. We need to give it time before it starts running a profit. And it will start turning a profit soon. I just need to get it up and running properly.’

‘Well, while you’re throwing money at your new project, your family business is going down the drain.’

‘All right, look,’ Carlos said in exasperation, ‘I promise I’ll take a look at the books. I’ll see what I can do. I’m just going to grab a massage then I’ll join you in the back. Where’s Ulrike?’

‘Ulrike left weeks ago!’ Sully growled in frustration, ‘You’ll have to get one off Estelle.’

Oh, great! Carlos groaned reluctantly. Well, perhaps making her give him a massage would humble her a bit, show her who was boss!

06-19-16_10-45-50 PM

06-19-16_10-50-10 PM

06-19-16_10-48-08 PM

06-19-16_10-46-23 PM

06-19-16_10-47-09 PM

(This was where things got highly amusing! Sometimes glitches can be so much fun!)

Ouch! Estelle clearly wasn’t the massaging type! She was a little too rough and after much bruising and cracking Carlos finally peeled himself from the massage table. Well, Estelle had clearly taken out her aggression on him but he wasn’t the sort to let her think she’d won.

Instead of putting his clothes back on he stretched and allowed his towel to drop to the floor. Estelle gasped in shock and Carlos grinned in amusement. He strolled casually back to the office with a very awkward looking Estelle in tow, and sat down nonchalantly at the card table.

He’d invited his new girlfriend Imani over from the restaurant to join the meeting, and Katerina had also joined them. She did odd jobs for them from time to time. Carlos stretched his sore spine and wished one of these two ladies had arrived earlier to give him a more sympathetic massage. Imani noticed his nakedness and gasped! But Katerina was less easily shocked and continued to play cards with an amused smile on her lips. Estelle quickly got over her initial discomfort and went back to frowning.

06-19-16_10-51-00 PM

06-19-16_10-52-48 PM

06-19-16_10-53-59 PM

06-19-16_10-54-42 PM

06-19-16_10-55-10 PM

06-19-16_10-55-25 PM

06-19-16_10-55-01 PM

06-19-16_10-57-49 PM

06-19-16_10-58-06 PM

06-19-16_10-58-22 PM

06-19-16_10-59-02 PM

06-19-16_10-59-18 PM

(I don’t know why Carlos decided to autonomously strut around naked but it was very funny!)

Meanwhile, back at home, Sophia was wondering where her husband was again.

06-19-16_11-13-26 PM

06-19-16_11-13-53 PM

06-19-16_11-14-26 PM

06-19-16_11-14-38 PM

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