The Banditos Family: A Steamy Marriage

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Sophia was fuming.

Her husband was late home again and wasn’t answering his phone. She had prepared a meal and had been waiting since sunset for Carlos to join her. When her husband finally arrived home he found his wife was in a sour mood.

‘I’m so sorry, my darling!’ he exclaimed with an apologetic smile, ‘You know how busy I’ve been running between the two businesses! The launderette always has problems that need fixing, and the restaurant is still finding it’s feet and needs constant attention.’

Sophia looked down at her bowl and poked her food unhappily.

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‘Look,’ Carlos cajoled, ‘I left as soon as I could. In fact, a group of twelve walked through the door as I was leaving and I said to the staff “Look guys, you need to learn how to handle rushes like this.” and I came home to spend time with you.’

‘Really?’ Sophia smiled, warming to the lie.

Carlos stretched out his hand and rubbed his wife’s wrist with his thumb. ‘Of course! Why would I want to spend time in a hot kitchen when I have a hot wife at home waiting for me?’

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Then Carlos suggested they take a soak in the hot-tub. He knew how to make his wife happy (at least temporarily).

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06-12-16_9-22-41 PM

06-12-16_9-23-20 PM

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The next morning, Carlos left early to return to the restaurant. He was soon giving his customers his charismatic personal service again.

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Sophia was feeling happier so she agreed to meet her friend Nancy at the spa. First, Nancy insisted on dragging her into a small art gallery where there was some sort of commotion around a book. Sophia didn’t know why a book was on sale in an art gallery, or why people were so interested in it. But it was clearly a desirable object so she bought it and felt smug about herself. Then she waited impatiently for Nancy to conclude whatever business it was she was doing there.

(It was actually a really lovely moment for me! I love seeing my Sims’ lives criss-cross like this when I play rotationally. The book was Pierre’s first novel and when Sophia and Nancy arrived at the lot I found the crowd gathered around the book, including Harriette Baker who works at the bookstore and who I feel has been autonomously supporting Pierre. The facial reactions of the Sims were great! Sophia looked so disinterested in the book, but smug when she purchased it from under the other customer’s noses. But Harriette looked like she tricked Sophia into buying the book, by cooing over it, then looking pleased about the sale. It was one of those magical moments in The Sims 4 where the autonomy just seems to work out really well, it was as though there was a launch party to celebrate the new book!)

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Finally the two women crossed the road to the spa. In the changing room, Sophia casually mentioned to Nancy that she was waiting for her next round of cosmetic injections. Nancy’s husband, Geoffrey, was Sophia’s doctor but he was refusing to give her the treatment. Sophia was hoping Nancy could convince him otherwise.

‘I’m sure Geoffrey has a good reason,’ Nancy said somewhat defensively as the women went to join a yoga class.

Sophia enjoyed the yoga. As a model, she needed to keep her body supple and lean, but the yoga moves also helped her to relax and feel better about herself too.

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06-19-16_9-07-47 PM

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06-19-16_9-13-42 PM

After the workout, the women relaxed on the patio with some ‘healthy’ fruit cocktails. Sophia wanted to try and convince Nancy to speak to Geoffrey again, hoping her friend would be more agreeable after the relaxing stretches and bubbly drink.

‘Of course, Geoffrey is a great doctor,’ Sophia tried to placate her friend with compliments, ‘and I trust his professional judgement completely. But between us women, you know how important it is for me to maintain my appearance. Not just for myself and my husband, but for my job as well.’

Nancy sipped her drink with a frown, she didn’t look convinced.

Sophia pushed a little more, her voice cracking with genuine emotion. ‘You know how tough it is out there. The first sign of aging, the first wrinkle, and I’ll be dropped and replaced by a child half my age. And what will I do then? Without my career, I’m nothing!’

Nancy continued to frown, but she had softened a little, and told her friend she would speak to her husband on her behalf. When Nancy left, Sophia continued to worry… what would she do when her career was over? She was already bored in-between jobs. and her husband was always busy with his businesses. She had left school early, confident that her looks would land her on her feet, and they had served her well for a while. But without her looks she was nothing. What if her husband lost interest in her? What would she do then?

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06-19-16_9-15-30 PM

06-19-16_9-17-08 PM

06-19-16_9-17-46 PM

06-19-16_9-18-13 PM

06-19-16_9-18-38 PM

Just then, Sophia caught sight of a familiar figure in the spa foyer. It was her husband!

‘Carlos!’ She called rushing up to him and embracing him excitedly. ‘Have you come to surprise me? How did you know I was here?’

‘Umm… yes, my dear,’ Carlos said, adjusting his collar uncomfortably, ‘Wow, it’s hot in here, should we go somewhere to cool off?’

‘How about we get a bit hotter?’ Sophia purred suggestively.

‘Ummm… sure,’ Carlos’ eyes darted around the room, ‘Yeah, let’s do that.’

06-19-16_9-24-03 PM

06-19-16_9-24-56 PM

06-19-16_9-25-10 PM

06-19-16_9-26-20 PM

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06-19-16_9-26-57 PM

Sophia led the way to the sauna with Carlos following somewhat reluctantly. Sophia was too excited by her husband’s sudden appearance to notice his elusive behaviour, and assumed he was just a little tired from work.

‘Can you make it more steamy?’ he asked his wife as they settled down in the hot sauna.

‘You know I can!’ Sophia grinned as she poured more water onto the hot coals and they were enveloped in a cloud of steam.

06-19-16_9-27-47 PM

06-19-16_9-28-14 PM

06-19-16_9-29-18 PM

06-19-16_9-31-15 PM

06-19-16_9-30-36 PM

06-19-16_9-29-55 PM

06-19-16_9-32-41 PM

06-19-16_9-32-10 PM

06-19-16_9-32-28 PM

Carlos left to get showered and dressed, looking even more exhausted than when he’d arrived. Sophia felt much more relaxed and pleased with herself. She was determined to fight to keep her man!


And then they went home to stand around in their towels on the curb because #SimLogic.

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