TS4 Download: Playsuit with T-shirt

This content is no longer supported as I was never 100% happy with it and there are other playsuit/dungaree options available now, both in the game and by other creators.

08-03-16_4-40-23 PM

I really liked the little playsuit/dungarees outfit that came with Backyard Stuff, but I wanted a version with a t-shirt rather than the bandeau because it seems a bit sweeter and more wearable to me that way.

I made several plain versions and some patterned versions too (polka-dots, of course!). You can recolour them as well if you like, and please let me know if you do. ^__^

Backyard Stuff is required. There are two packages, one for plain and one for patterned. You can install either or both.

There are lots of recolours, here are a couple of examples of both plain and patterned:

08-03-16_2-44-13 PM

08-03-16_2-44-34 PM

08-03-16_2-44-46 PM

08-03-16_2-45-03 PM

08-03-16_2-47-30 PM

08-03-16_2-47-24 PM

08-03-16_2-47-18 PM

08-03-16_2-46-36 PM

08-03-16_2-46-25 PM

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