TS4 Download: Slippy Slide Plain Recolours

07-29-16_10-34-20 PM

I was a bit disappointed that there was no plain swatch on the slip n slide that came with Backyard Stuff. The existing textures are very bright, and while they are great for kids, they are a bit too childish for every possible situation. I really wanted an outdoorsy recolour that would be suitable for an adventure course in Granite Falls, where I might send a group of teens or young adults on a summer camping holiday!

I wanted something that looked like tarpaulin, like maybe the Sims had improvised a slip n slide out of whatever materials were lay around. So I made the dark green and black version. Then I got carried away and made lots of different recolours, some brighter than others, some with or without a border. As I was removing the surface pattern from the texture I tried to preserve the wrinkled texture of the material underneath. I merged out the texture by hand, rather than just painting out the pattern with a block of flat colour.

And I also made it into an inventory item! So you can take it anywhere and use it off-lots.

Download Here! (SimsFileShare)

Made with Sims4Studio.

07-29-16_10-42-13 PM

07-29-16_10-43-04 PM

07-29-16_10-44-35 PM

07-29-16_10-45-52 PM

07-30-16_9-10-33 PM

4 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Slippy Slide Plain Recolours

  1. Do you have to have the Backyard stuff pack to get this because I downloaded it and I can’t find it when I go intro build mode?


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