The Banditos Family: Jealousy

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Sophia woke up to find her husband had already left the bed. Perhaps he was making her breakfast? But he wasn’t in the kitchen… where was he?

As a supermodel, Sophia is comfortable with her body and doesn’t always bother to cover-up when she is walking round the house, despite her brother-in-law often being around. So she prepared herself breakfast in her smexy underwear. Eating breakfast in the garden she suddenly felt very lonely. Her children had left for school and perhaps her husband had gone to the restaurant early. It was a new business after all.

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But Sophia has the jealous trait, which made her anxious when her husband wasn’t accounted for. Who was he with? What could he be doing? What if he found one of the waitresses attractive and had an affair?

A sudden pang of insecurity had her running to a mirror to check her appearance. What if Carlos didn’t find her attractive anymore? What if he decided he wanted a divorce? Sophia checked her reflection anxiously, but she couldn’t see any grey hairs and her skin was still remarkably unwrinkled thanks to regular visits to Doctor Landgraab. Surely she was just being paranoid? It’s natural she would feel lonely during busy periods when her husband would be out of the house a lot on business.

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Unfortunately for Sophia, her instincts about her husband were correct. He’d received a text from one of his waitresses early that morning, asking him out to breakfast. Carlos probably convinced himself it was an entirely innocent brunch with one of his staff members to discuss the running of the business. But if he was honest with himself, he couldn’t resist flirting with other women, it made him feel attractive.


Carlos dressed carefully for the meeting, with his hair carefully shaped and dressed in a freshly pressed shirt and a sharp new suit. He knew success came to those who looked the part, and a businessman with a new enterprise had to dress to impress!

He was slightly irritated to find Imani was dressed much less attractively than she had been at work (in his opinion) but made a complimentary remark about her legs anyway. Imani giggled and seemed slightly in awe of her glamorous new boss, which stroked Carlos’ ego and spurred him on.

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Imani shyly explained that she needed to use the restroom. Carlos was happy to feel like he was taking charge and spoke to the host to wrangle a prime table. When he was seated, Imani returned and he was pleased to see that she had changed clothes in the bathroom and was now wearing a tight top, heels and a smexy pair of glasses.

‘I spent the night at my sisters,’ she explained, ‘and didn’t have time to dress for work before I left.’

Carlos smoothly complimented the new outfit. Then, for the sake of appearances, he adopted a professional manner and began to discuss the competition’s menu. If anyone spotted them together, and if anything got back to his wife, he could honestly say it was a business meeting.

As Imani left she whispered over her shoulder that she was excited to see him later at his restaurant. Carlos smiled in anticipation.

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Back at home, Antonio had arrived looking for his brother. Carlos was supposed to have met him at the restaurant that morning to move some tables into a better position. He’d had to do it all alone, but he wasn’t sure if he’d got it right. Carlos would probably have him move them all around again. He was hot and sweaty, and he needed a drink. He peeled off his t-shirt, intending to get in the shower, and as he grabbed a glass of water he eyed himself in the mirror. He was pleased to see all that labour had given his lean frame a bit of definition.

06-12-16_7-55-34 PM

06-12-16_7-56-24 PM

Just then, Sophia burst in on him in a huff. Startled by the sudden intrusion, Antonio almost dropped his glass!

‘Where is my husband?’ she demanded, ‘Have you seen him?’

Tony was used to covering for his brother. He didn’t know where Carlos was, but he wasn’t stupid enough to tell his temperamental sister-in-law that!

‘He’s at the restaurant,’ he lied smoothly, ‘we were moving tables around and he needed to stay behind and make sure we’d got it right. He said something about the menu too, but I don’t do any of that stuff.’

‘Carlos? Moving tables?’ repeated Sophia sceptically.

‘Well,’ Tony conceded, ‘he actually kind-of supervised the whole thing… from the bar.’

Sophia laughed at this, it did sound like her husband to make everyone else do all the hard work!

‘Ok, well when you see him remind him to ring his wife!’ Sophia left the room looking reassured.

Tony watched her walk away with a bitter taste in his mouth. If he had a wife like that there was no way he’d be screwing around and messing it up! He looked back at his reflection earnestly, if Sophia was his girl he’d be with her every moment of every hour of every day. Most men could only dream of getting that lucky. And what was Carlos really doing? Well, he could take a good guess.

Sophia had felt better for a moment, but the nagging doubts resurfaced again. She couldn’t relax when her husband wasn’t answering his phone.

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