The Banditos Family: Serving Up Trouble

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You might remember the little girl who followed my doctor home? Well, her name is Isabella Banditos and she is the daughter of a very powerful ‘businessman’ and his supermodel wife. Her uncle Antonio picked her up and brought her back to their villa in Oasis Springs, annoyed that she’d inconvenienced them all during an important deal. Her father, Carlos, was starting a new business to add to his portfolio, and Isabella had run away during the night.

It was morning when they arrived back at the villa, and Isabella knew she was in trouble. The mood in the house was tense, partially because of the business deal, and partially because they all blamed each other for Isabella’s disappearance.

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Isabella’s big brother Marcos had slept through the whole thing, he only learned of her absence when he woke up to find her being brought home.

He confronted his mother, ‘Why didn’t you wake me up? I could have helped you look for her.’

Sophia was sensitive to criticism and she snapped at him, ‘She was perfectly fine. She only did this to get attention because we’ve all been so busy!’

The truth was she that she had been worried about Isabella too. She was angry at herself for being so distracted, and mad at her brother-in-law who was supposed to have been watching her.

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Marcos wasn’t happy but you couldn’t argue with his mother, she was too defensive. He shook his head and went to find some breakfast. Isabella wandered in, tired and hungry after her big adventure.

‘What were you thinking Bella?’ he asked gently, ‘You can’t just run off like that without telling anyone.’

‘I didn’t run off,’ Isabella replied with her chin stuck out defiantly, ‘Uncle Tony went for coffee with a nurse while he was waiting for me at the hospital, and he didn’t come back!’

‘So you should have told one of the doctors…’ Marcos began.

‘That’s what I did!’ Isabella exclaimed. ‘Doctor Khan had been so nice to me, so I asked for him but they said he’d gone home.’

‘So you followed him home?’ asked Marcos, mildly amused despite his concerns.

‘She did,’ Antonio said as he walked into the kitchen, ‘And I did go back to pick her up, but she’d already ran off to find her hero doctor!’

Marcos sighed, ‘Come on you, let’s get you to school before you get into any more trouble!’

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Meanwhile, Isabella and Marcos’ father was getting ready to open his new business! He was feeling very upbeat as he waited for his new staff to show up. He’d bought a tiny bar in Oasis Springs and turned it into a small Spanish restaurant.

As his new staff arrived he tried to perk them all up by dancing to the salsa music and giving them all a quick pep talk! Then he took up his position behind the bar (the best job) and practised mixing the new signature cocktails his wife had designed.

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When they opened the doors a steady steam of customers poured in. Carlos’ staff did the best they could, but they weren’t very experienced, so Carlos laid on some of his charm to smooth things over with the customers. His charm worked well, especially with the ladies, and he was pleased to see good reviews for his first day.

Another perk was a visit from the local celebrity, Iggy Spacedust, who had been doing a gig nearby and had popped in with his family for a quick bite. Carlos was quick to give Iggy and his entourage special treatment! Unfortunately, one of his waitresses got a little starstruck and had to have a drink to calm her nerves. XD

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06-11-16_10-53-44 PM

06-11-16_10-29-35 PM

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06-11-16_10-49-07 PM

When the last customer left and they began to clean up before the evening shift, Carlos went to talk to his staff to encourage them and offer them advice. He praised the elderly chef, who had worked so hard getting all those orders out! He believed he got the best out of his workers if he laid on the charm, so even though he was annoyed at the waitress for drinking so obviously in front of customers, he encouraged her in his charming and persuasive way.

It would be a shame if such an attractive waitress quit, he thought as he left the kitchen.

As they counted the takings for the day, Carlos felt like they’d had a successful first shift and he did a little dance to celebrate!

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06-11-16_10-58-04 PM

06-11-16_10-58-46 PM

06-11-16_11-01-51 PM

Back at home, Marcos encouraged his sister to do her homework, ‘You want to be smart like that doctor, don’t you?’

Then he spent some time working out by the pool before bed.

His father got home late, he cleared up the mess his family had made, wishing his wife would agree to them hiring a maid. Then he too spent some time in the pool under the twinkling stars.

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