News: The Sims 4 Backyard Stuff Announcement and Trailer

I’m so excited about that bird feeder! I feel like I’m going to burst into song like Mary Poppins. XD

*caterwauling* Feeeeeeed the biiiiiird, tuppence a baaaaaag!

So the Backyard Stuff pack seems aimed at family and friends hanging out in the garden. It has a summery feel with the slip n slide and cheerful animated windmills. It seems like the Lawn Water Slide is the main feature of the pack, and it has different animations like a sexy pose or a surfing pose. There is also a fail animation which is quite amusing, and I love that Sim covered in bubbles at the end!

Interestingly, there are lots of gameplay objects in this pack. There is the bird-feeder with new animations. There is also a juice pitcher with a choice of lemonade or iced tea. This seems like an updated version of the drinks tray that came with Spa Day because it actually has a pouring animation. I’m a little bit disappointed that it doesn’t appear to have a recipe that uses the harvestable lemons, but I’m excited to have the local kids set up a lemonade stall again (I figure I can use the retail system for this somehow). As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a set of wind chimes which have lots of customisable options: ‘Choose from bamboo, ceramic, or metallic chimes… pair them together if you like, or even set the length of the rods to adjust the chime’s pitch’.

Oh, there is also a new style of patio table with SIX seats instead of the usual four. This is great if you have a big family gathering and want a couple more seats around the dining table (granddad can sit at the kids’ table). And there are lots of nice decorative objects like the animated windmills, and general summer garden clutter. I like the step ladder with the flower pots! And finally, we have that Sim classic… the white picket fence!

There are some new relaxed hairstyles in the pack, with some ombre colour options. And an assortment of summery clothes. And SimGuruPizza just tweeted out that we have skinny jeans that can be tucked into boots! Yes!

There seems like a lot of gameplay content for your money in this pack, and I think this will definitely be worth getting!

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