TS4 Blog: The Freegans – From Trash to Cash!

05-31-16_10-29-23 PM

The Freegans were doing a little bit better now. And by ‘better’ I mean they’d had a shower and ate some questionable mushrooms. So at least they were no longer stinky and starving!

Daphne was feeling frustrated. She was itching to write something! Being half-dazed all the time and staring mindlessly at clouds for several hours a day had prompted a surge in the imaginative area of her brain. She was desperate to find a pen and paper and to write her thoughts down.

She was also very tired of reading the same book over and over again. After much begging and whining she convinced the others to go into town for a visit to the library.

By the time they arrived it was dark, and the long walk had made them hungry. The coffee shop was closed, and all they had to eat was a bag full of onions that Penelope had gathered on the way.

Daphne looked at the silvery-skinned vegetable with hesitation. ‘I don’t think I can eat it raw.’

‘You’re a Freegan,’ said Apollo with determination in his eyes, ‘you’ve eaten out of bins, you’ve eaten rotting fish… you’ve eaten mushroom hotdogs that taste like feet! You can do this!’

Daphne took a deep breath, she supposed she’d have to.

‘Oh,’ she cried in surprise, ‘it wasn’t that bad actually!’

‘I’ve had worse,’ Penelope grumbled behind her back, thinking about those hotdogs.

05-31-16_10-28-53 PM

05-31-16_10-31-45 PM

05-31-16_10-31-57 PM

05-31-16_10-32-12 PM

05-31-16_10-32-47 PM

The library was beautiful! Daphne immediately loved the old and peaceful building. She wanted to go and poke around the shelves and find something interesting to read, but first, she had work to do. Daphne found a dusty looking computer upstairs and sat down to work.

05-31-16_10-33-38 PM

05-31-16_10-33-02 PM

05-31-16_10-33-21 PM

05-31-16_10-35-03 PM

Penelope had been reluctant to walk into town, until she spotted an easel set up near the waterfront. Luckily she’d brought some painting materials with her (mostly dyes made from vegetable extract and brushes made from water reeds and pigeon feathers). Soon she was painting away and became so engrossed in what she was doing she didn’t realise the sun had come up!

05-31-16_10-37-22 PM

05-31-16_10-38-56 PM

Daphne had finished her short story, and Apollo agreed to proofread it. Penelope checked the bins around town while she waited. When the story had been checked over, Daphne submitted it to an free online self-publisher, who even sent out a complimentary physical copy in the mail! If she wanted more copies, she would have to buy them, but she earned a small amount of money each week from advertising when people read her online version.

05-31-16_10-41-27 PM

05-31-16_10-40-56 PM

They walked home feeling tired after staying up all night. Apollo decided to stop by the spot behind the pub where people seemed to dump their unwanted furniture. He was glad he did! He picked up a dirty and rusted folding table, a stained yoga mat, and best of all… A TENT!!! Finally, they could stop sleeping in the poop-bush! He wasn’t sure the tent was much cleaner… but at least they had separate places to sleep and poop now!

05-31-16_10-58-10 PM

05-31-16_11-00-32 PM

05-31-16_10-54-52 PM

05-31-16_10-46-05 PM

Daphne placed her book down on the table. Surely someone would want to buy this masterpiece? Penelope placed a few more items down that they’d found on their travels. Well, it wasn’t going to win any awards for ‘Most Nicely Presented Shop’ but at least it was a start. The Freegans got into position and waited for customers. Daphne gave the table a quick clean!

05-31-16_10-46-45 PM

05-31-16_10-49-10 PM

05-31-16_10-51-48 PM

Unbelievably, people who were walking past wandered over to take a look. And once one or two people showed an interest, it attracted other people! Soon they had a small crowd.

Penelope’s charm and Apollo’s charisma soon impressed the group and one of them actually made a purchase! Finally, they were starting to establish themselves.

05-31-16_10-52-07 PM

05-31-16_11-16-14 PM

05-31-16_11-20-21 PM

05-31-16_11-20-42 PM

05-31-16_11-12-30 PM

05-31-16_11-12-55 PM

Things are looking up for the Freegan household! ❤

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