TS4 Download: Robot and Monster Toys

07-06-16_9-46-30 PM

Ok… so I might be a tiiiiiiny bit obsessed about the merchandise shop at my cinema. There’s something very satisfying about lining up colourful objects on shelves. I really like the new items from Kids’ Room Stuff and wanted to make mini collectable versions of the coolala bean bear and the robot, and to turn them into playable toys! So… uh… that’s what I did! ^__^

I also got a bit annoyed with Chompy the Monster because he always seemed to sit sideways and at an odd angle on shelves, and his footprint seemed a bit too large. So I cloned him and shuffled him about a bit to make him sit more nicely on a shelf (because I’m a strange and controlling Sim Overlord, and items will sit as they are told, mwa ha ha ha haaaaaa!).

I also added extra colour swatches to all these toys, so that my Sims have more things to collect! The Coolala Beanie Bears have more open and closed mouth colours, and a couple of extra blue shades. The robot has a couple of swatches that match the colours of two of the robot wall stickers, and I added some typically ‘girly’ colours too like yellows and pinks. And there are a couple of extra Chompy colours as well.

Oh, and they all talk! They can also be named, played with, and put in the Sims’ inventory like other toys.

07-06-16_9-48-02 PM

07-06-16_9-48-40 PM

07-06-16_9-47-28 PM

07-06-16_10-44-46 PM

07-06-16_10-20-42 PM

07-06-16_10-00-23 PM

07-06-16_10-23-38 PM

Download here! (SimFileShare)

4 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Robot and Monster Toys

  1. You sim controlling overlord! You made me laugh so hard, you sim nerd 😉 Very very cute… and your stuff is amazing.. (downloaded a bunch) I totally understand that little side monster is killin’ my vibe, too and that the other monsters are not playable as well. you saved my christmas day =D thank you for sharing… Wish you happy holiday and a happy new year, doll.


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