TS4 Blog: The Freegans – One Man’s Junk…

05-31-16_10-51-48 PM

It’s been a while but I thought I’d update you on how The Freegan household are doing. Last time I played with them I left them in a pretty bad way. One of the rules for this family is that they shouldn’t really buy anything, hence the name ‘Free-gans’. They are also supposed to be self-sufficient, providing their own fruit and vegetables. Sadly, the simple life was proving more difficult than they had expected! Since I’d started a new save the plants in the town were still young and hadn’t provided any produce, and since I use a mod that prevents meals being made unless they had the right ingredients, they couldn’t cook anything either!

So they had made an emergency decision to crash at the local pub. They could sleep on the benches, clean up a little in the restrooms, and grab a few bar snacks with the little money made from selling items they’d scavenged from the land (I allowed them these couple of purchases because their situation was looking very dire, and they reasoned they were supporting a small local business to justify it).

05-31-16_9-28-45 PM

As they are not supposed to buy anything, I needed a way to get them the basic essentials they needed like tents and showers. I desperately miss the dumpster diving feature and was determined to recreate something similar. We can rummage in trash cans for food and small items like postcards, but I needed a way to get more useful items. I made a ‘junk mod’ to recreate this kind of interaction. Sims can rummage in the junk pile for ‘discarded’ items. But I didn’t want to make this toooooo easy for them. The items they find are kind of disgusting! Some of them have suspicious stains or rips, others are broken or dirty and require fixing up. Some items are just plain… rubbish!

Since this object can be used endlessly by simply putting the rubbish pile back into the junk pile to re-trigger the rummage interaction, I decided to limit them to 3 rummages a day.

05-31-16_9-30-46 PM

05-31-16_9-32-18 PM

Penelope was the lucky Sim who got to do the first day’s junk diving! Ewww… she looked pretty stinky afterwards! But she was really lucky! They got a shower!!! Yes, it was dirty, broken and ripped to shreds, but it was cleaner than they were! XD

Apollo got to work repairing and cleaning the shower as best as he could and by morning it was in working order. It wasn’t pretty, but it made a HUGE difference in helping to improve their mood. Especially since they were still sleeping in the bushes they also used as toilets. Eww.

Penelope also found a soggy cardboard dance-mat, and a rusty lamp. They used the lamp to light up their small shop area. I’d fiddled around with the lots since the last blog because I figured I could change their home lot to a retail lot and send them to ‘live’ there, meaning they can sell items from the same lot they have their commune on, which makes more sense. If any of them automatically go back to the real residential lot, I just call them back to the campsite.

05-31-16_9-35-14 PM

05-31-16_9-35-57 PM

05-31-16_9-37-54 PM

05-31-16_9-39-36 PM

05-31-16_9-40-26 PM

05-31-16_9-37-11 PM

05-31-16_9-34-37 PM

05-31-16_9-34-17 PM

As rosy-fingered dawn rose the next day, Apollo was feeling extremely tired after working on the shower all night, but at least he was clean! Daphne on the other hand had spent the night in a poop-bush and was feeling pretty stinky, so she ran off to take a turn in the shower. Apollo was keen to get in the nice warm spot after her. XD

Daphne, feeling a bit better after her nice lukewarm shower, decided to try and forage for something to eat. Finally some of the wild plants had produced some… er… produce!

‘Hey, little pigeons, do you know where I can find some more plants?’

She gathered up some mushrooms and fashioned them into ‘veggie sausages’ before cooking them on the grill. Yum?

05-31-16_9-43-56 PM

05-31-16_9-45-33 PM

05-31-16_9-46-18 PM

05-31-16_9-49-16 PM

05-31-16_9-46-38 PM

05-31-16_9-50-12 PM

05-31-16_9-50-47 PM

05-31-16_9-52-04 PM

05-31-16_9-52-16 PM

05-31-16_9-52-31 PM

05-31-16_9-52-57 PM

05-31-16_9-53-26 PM

The smell of hot food reached Penelope and she ran over to the community grill eagerly. ‘Is that… food?’

‘Yes!’ Daphne replied enthusiastically, ‘I found some wild mushrooms and turned them into veggie hot dogs! They’re delicious!’

Penelope was wary, was it wise to eat wild mushrooms? Why were Daphne’s pupils so dilated?

‘They’re absolutely fine,’ Daphne’s speech slurred a little and she swayed as she stood up.

‘I’ll just… clean these up,’ Penelope said wisely.

‘I’ll just… lie down here for a bit with these giant pigeons…’ Daphne said, staring up at the clouds.

05-31-16_9-54-03 PM

05-31-16_9-54-20 PM

05-31-16_9-55-01 PM

05-31-16_9-55-27 PM

05-31-16_9-56-52 PM

05-31-16_9-57-15 PM

05-31-16_9-57-27 PM

05-31-16_9-58-39 PM

05-31-16_10-01-05 PM

Uh oh… it seems like Apollo decided to try some of those veggie hotdogs too (he probably got them back out of the bin).

‘What do you think?’ asked Daphne enthusiastically!

‘They taste like…’ Apollo chewed thoughtfully, ‘…like feet.’

Daphne stomped off.

Apollo finished his questionable meal and went for a lie down.

Penelope wisely planted some more produce so they would have better quality ingredients in the future.

05-31-16_10-02-53 PM

05-31-16_10-02-23 PM

05-31-16_10-04-14 PM

05-31-16_10-10-19 PM

05-31-16_10-08-28 PM

05-31-16_10-05-39 PM

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