Cinderelli Investigates: Monstahs Under Beds!

06-23-16_10-02-56 PM

A recent patch added a new feature to The Sims 4 base game: monsters under the beds! Well, technically we had a similar feature in TS3 where children would get paranoid about monsters under the beds and if you looked closely you might see a pair of red glowing eyes. In The Sims 4 the monsters are a bit more curious, and you might find them reaching out a tentacle or two as they try to explore this strange new environment (what will they feed on instead of dust mites, I don’t know, but those ankles sure look tasty!).

If you don’t want your beloved Sim children to be awoken mid-dream by nocturnal bed octopuses (nope, not octopi, I checked), then you can deter or prevent them entirely! Either have an adult spray the room with ‘Monster Repellent’, or install the ‘Coolala, The Defender Wall Light’ which tentacled bed monsters are terrified of, apparently.

Well, I just had to test this out! And since Parker Mouse is an evil ghost child, he seemed like he’d be brave enough for the task! Ummm… he wasn’t. XD

06-23-16_10-03-02 PM

It took a little while for the monster to appear. It didn’t show up on the first night. But on the second night Parker woke up autonomously and started freaking out. A notification helpfully informed me that he’d spotted the monster!


Nope! My little Parker Mouse is not the type to be scared of a few tentacles! These semi-transparent supernatural minorities really should stick together! So I directed him to make friends with the besuckered beast. Several times. To no avail. The monster was stubbornly determined to be anti-social.

06-23-16_10-04-32 PM

monstah says no

Well… I might as well let events play themselves out then!

I left Parker to his autonomy. He screamed a bit then ran around the lot waking up all the grown ups. First he woke up Cinderelli-sim, but she’s not very functional if woken up early without coffee so she wandered off to the bathroom in confusion. So Parker ran outside to the tent and shouted until Alan the Clown appeared to save the day! Like a hero he strode into the house and taught that monster a lesson with a good repellent spray to the suckers (well, he assumed that’s what he was spraying but it was hard to tell as only children and childish sims can see the monster)! As Alan strode off to finish his sleep, Parker breathed a big sigh of relief!

One day he’d befriend that monster and together they would rule the WOOOOOORLD!!!

One day… O__o

06-23-16_10-09-33 PM

06-23-16_10-10-04 PM

06-23-16_10-10-45 PM

06-23-16_10-11-06 PM

06-23-16_10-11-43 PM

06-23-16_10-11-53 PM

06-23-16_10-12-32 PM

06-23-16_10-13-27 PM

06-23-16_10-14-27 PM

It’s a nice little feature to have in a patch, and it adds some welcome interactions between children and grown-ups. I like the monster repellent spray, it’s a funny touch. And I like the way children react by running to ask a grown up for help. The night light is a great addition for players who would rather not have the feature, because it stops the monster appearing. It’s a bit large, but can be hidden behind other objects using the ‘bb.moveobjects on’ cheat to make it less conspicuous if it doesn’t match the decor.

2 thoughts on “Cinderelli Investigates: Monstahs Under Beds!

    • Whoops, sorry, I only just spotted the comment. *^__^*

      Parker was a random sim who came out of the wishing well, he looks a bit like Casper the Friendly Ghost in his facial features sometimes, I do wonder if it was intentional.

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