News: The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff Trailer

I didn’t think I would be so excited for this pack! What surprises me is that there are TWO gameplay features, and they both seem pretty in-depth.

First, there is a puppet theatre! Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!! This is too adorable! Kids can increase their social skill by using this item, and there are 5 performances to unlock! I’m going to place one of these in Willow Creek park to make a visit more enjoyable!

Secondly, there is a whole new electronic game for kids based on a similar concept to Pokemon or Digimon! There are twenty Voidcritter cards to collect and you can actually find these around the world as new collectable items! Then you can challenge your friends on the Voidcritter Battle Station. I asked SimGuruGraham if we could sell them in comic book stores and he said yes! There are lots of decorative items in this pack that will be great for comic book and toy shops, and also cinemas as one of the bedroom sets continues the robot theme from Movie Hangout Stuff. I love this continuity between packs!

Oh yeah… there are new bedroom sets for children to help you personalise their room! Are they into computers and science? Sports? Or are they interested in popstars? There are room sets for them all! But now this makes me want more hobbies like soccer or a Freetime style expansion with interests. XD

I’m really excited for this pack! And I’m planning which of my Sim children will be using these items! I feel like stuff packs are going from strength-to-strength lately and think the gameplay element means they’re much better value for money than the TS2 or TS3 stuff packs were! ❤

Read the official blog here!

2 thoughts on “News: The Sims 4: Kids Room Stuff Trailer

  1. OMG this is so cool! And I think I have just enough donated dollars to get this! Have I mentioned how much I adore our Sim community?!? I wouldn’t have been able to afford the last 3 packs without the generosity of the community. Sometimes, having a crap exchange rate can be beneficial lol
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  2. I completely agree about the quality and value of TS4’s stuff packs versus the previous editions. SimGuruGraham stated on Twitter awhile back that he hopes Maxis will update the name in the future because it’s more than just “Stuff” now. It’s genuinely a better playing experience.


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