The Robinson Family – Independent Living

05-28-16_10-06-04 PM

Paul was getting tired of the spa. There were too many pampered people around and it was starting to grate on him. They weren’t rude to him or anything, but he felt increasingly frustrated that some people had so much more than others. He had to get out and find somewhere else to live.

He wanted to check out the condemned buildings that the guy in the park had told him about, but first he needed some down-to-earth company. It was the weekend, and he wanted to try and meet up with that girl, Danni, again.

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05-28-16_10-03-58 PM

She agreed to meet him at the ice-cream parlour. They arrived at the same time and Danni hip-bumped him in celebration! Paul enjoyed talking to her, she was so easy-going and funny. Plus, she liked sports and that was always a bonus!

Danni went to the bathroom and Paul took the opportunity to swipe a drink from the counter. He was a bit embarrassed that he didn’t have any money left and he couldn’t buy Danni an ice-cream. He needed to think of something.

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05-28-16_10-07-17 PM

05-28-16_10-08-03 PM

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05-28-16_10-10-51 PM

Danni came back out, ‘Hey, did you see that great play last night?’

They watched a clip on her phone together, then went to look at the ice-creams.

‘What are you getting?’ Danni asked casually.

‘I dunno,’ Paul shrugged, ‘I don’t really fancy anything yet.’

‘I can’t choose,’ she hesitated, ‘let’s sit down for a bit while we decide.’

They took a seat and chatted for a few minutes.

‘The truth is,’ Paul confessed, ‘I uh… forgot my wallet. I just had enough in my pocket for this drink.’

To his surprise Danni burst out laughing, ‘I don’t have any cash on me either! I had a tenner but I owed my sister money and she needed it today.’

Paul laughed too.

‘I guess we’ll have to do this another day then, ‘Danni giggled, ‘we can’t both sit here without ordering.’

‘I guess so,’ he sighed.

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05-28-16_10-16-37 PM

Well, in that case he should probably check out the abandoned shops he’d been told about. He arrived in Newcrest and found the building quite quickly. He was sure this was the right one, it was definitely abandoned. He squinted through the cracks in the boards over the windows into the gloomy spaces inside. One seemed to be an abandoned electrical shop, the other looked like an old pub. He walked down the alley between the two shops, there was an abandoned warehouse there, but anything worth scavenging had already been taken. He walked up the stairs to the floor above the retail units and tried the doors, surprisingly they were unlocked! There was nobody around but it seemed like someone had been squatting there. Paul looked at the stuff, it was a bit creepy, like someone had been stalking someone and the wall was covered in sketches of her! There were also some blueprints of what looked like an office, and Paul felt a bit of unease as he looked at the notes scribbled on the plans.

Still, it appeared nobody had been there for a while and he guessed whoever had been there before had moved on… or been incarcerated! It actually seemed like a pretty decent emergency place to crash. Paul didn’t fancy staying there until his situation was better though, he’d need more supplies and a source of income. The spa was better for now. But he did a bit of prep work before he left, planting some vegetable plants in an old container he’d found, and putting his own padlock on the door. He also left some chairs he’d found in the junk pile at the park.

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05-28-16_10-25-35 PM

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05-31-16_7-52-25 PM

Paul was feeling a lot happier when he returned to the spa. He went for a late night swim and spotted a girl doing yoga. She didn’t look like the usual guest, she was far too cool. In fact… she looked more like the sort of girl he was used to hanging around with. He approached her casually, but she acted evasive for some reason.

‘I can’t talk now,’ she said cryptically, shooting a look at the guy behind him, ‘it’s not a good time.’

Well, that was weird, thought Paul, shaking his head. But he was soon distracted by a sweet-looking girl swaying his way.

‘Hi,’ she called over to him, ‘I’m looking for Malcolm, have you seen him?’

‘Who’s Malcolm?’ he asked bewilderedly.

‘My boyfriend,’ she said as though it was obvious, ‘Nancy’s son. Have you seen him?’

Well, he may not know who Malcolm was, but he knew who Nancy was! Any interest he’d had in seducing this girl evaporated. He knew there was something shady about Nancy and he didn’t want to mess with her business!

The girl looked annoyed, ‘Well, if you see him tell him Kyra’s looking for him.’

‘Yeah, sure,’ he agreed and watched her walk off down the road. Whoever this Malcolm was, he was crazy for upsetting a girl like that!

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05-31-16_8-05-42 PM

05-31-16_8-06-17 PM

05-31-16_8-05-53 PM

Well, that’s it for my week with Paul! I’m looking forward to developing the shady story-lines of my world a little bit more. ^__^

If you’d like Paul, the condemned lot, ice-cream parlour, or the spa, they are all available on my gallery! The junk mod is available on my downloads page. Happy simming!

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