The Robinson Family – Mean Streets

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Remember Granny Shue from Hidden Springs? Well, she was my ‘foster carer’ in The Sims 3. And now she has been reinvented for my Sims 4 game! At the moment she is caring for one of my teens, Paul Robinson [No… not the footballer!].

Paul’s story is a bit of a sad one. He lost his mother when he was young and got taken into care. He didn’t have any other family to look after him, and he doesn’t remember much about his mum. However, he does know that he has a father out there somewhere! He wasn’t named on his birth certificate but he remembered hearing his mother’s friends talking about him. To be honest, his Dad sounded like a bit of a jerk! His dad had abandoned his mum when she became pregnant, and hadn’t been seen or heard of since! Paul was determined to track down his dad somehow. Maybe he really was a jerk, like his mum’s friends had said. But he was the only family Paul had and he was determined to find him and see for himself!

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Being taken into care at an early age had made Paul tough and independent. Now that he was a teen he felt like he could make it on his own. He hated living under stranger’s roofs, obeying strangers rules. He hated school, and any kind of authority for that matter! Feeling frustrated by so many authority figures that he felt no affection for, Paul had often acted out and got into trouble. He’d been passed from carer to carer. The nice ones were the worst because they interfered with his life more than the bad ones, who didn’t care what he did!

This new woman seemed nice. Too nice. Paul felt so uncomfortable in her sweet little 50’s style house. He didn’t fit in with her life and he knew it!

He ran away again.

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Years of running away had made Paul street-smart. He knew the park would be fairly empty at night, and that there was probably food around that had been left by picnickers. Sadly, he was wrong about the food. He guessed the park keeper had already been by and tidied up the place. But there was a big pile of junk that someone had dumped behind the basketball court and he found an old chair and a discarded fishing rod!

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It seemed pretty safe, so Paul fell asleep on a bench for a while. When he woke up he figured he’d try out the fishing-rod and see if he could catch something for breakfast. Surprisingly, he did! But he had no fuel or coal for the community grill so he’d have to try and figure something else out.

As dawn broke over the mountains, people started milling around. Paul kept his head down and tried to look inconspicuous. Just then he fished out a huge lump of pond scum and nearly fell over! He’d drawn attention to himself and now a girl was walking his way. He tried to look moody and unapproachable, but the girl started chatting to him anyway.

‘Nice catch! Hey, are you new around here? I don’t think I’ve seen you at school before.’

‘Just visiting,’ he replied brusquely, hoping she’d get the hint and move on.

‘Well, I’m Danni,’ she continued casually, ‘I’m heading to the cafe to grab something to eat if you want to join me?’

Was she actually flirting with him? He eyed her sceptically for a moment.

‘I haven’t got any money, my boss hasn’t paid me yet,’ he added the lie on naturally.

‘That’s ok,’ smiled Danni, ‘I’ll get this one and you can owe me.’

Is she serious? Paul thought to himself. He didn’t think she was kind, he thought she was stupid for spending her money on a stranger! Maybe it was some kind of con?

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Paul couldn’t ignore his hunger or pass up the chance for a free meal, so he followed Danni to the park diner. She seemed genuine enough: funny and down-to-earth. They chatted for a few minutes and Paul was surprised that she was happy to talk about the latest football match and discuss that new manager. Then they sat down to order.

‘Look,’ Paul said honestly, ‘I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay you back for this any time soon.’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ Danni shrugged.

Paul looked at the pastry in his hand thoughtfully. He was so used to fending for himself, or conning people, it was kind of nice just hanging out with someone his own age, and having them be casually nice to him… like a friend.

‘So, where do you work?’ Danni asked as she drained her frappé.

‘Huh?’ Paul mumbled, his mouth full of pastry.

‘You said your boss hadn’t paid you?’ Danni prompted.

Paul gulped, ‘Oh, uh, yeah, I was clearing some stuff for my uh… uncle’s friend, but he hasn’t paid me yet.’

‘That sucks! Are you here for long?’

‘I uh… I dunno,’ Paul said cautiously, ‘I go where the work is.’

‘Well, here’s my number,’ said Danni, writing on the back of a napkin, ‘if you’re ever in the area and you want to hang out and play football or something.’

‘Yeah,’ Paul acted casual but he tucked the napkin safely into his pocket.

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Danni said she had to get to work and left. Paul immediately copied her number into his phone. Well, what was he going to do next? He scanned the diner thoughtfully and his eyes rested on a gardener. Hmmm… that guy kind of looked like an older version of him, could he be his dad?

Paul figured he’d go over and chat to him, see if he could get a bit of info. It probably wasn’t his dad, but maybe he could get some work from him? He could help him with some gardening jobs. Hopefully he’d pay cash in hand and not ask too many questions.

The guy seemed ok, Paul played some chess with him for a while. He was a bit cagey, didn’t really say much about his family but preferred talking about what kind of flowers were growing well that season, and how there was a high demand for roses this year. Paul offered to help and gave the guy his number, he needed to start earning money soon.

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Paul spent the day mooching round the park. He took another nap on a bench and freshened up in the public bathroom [I’d love that sponge bath option on sinks that we had for TS2]. He wasn’t feeling too great though, his clothes needed washing and he hadn’t slept well on that hard bench. And he was really hungry again. He wandered over to the picnic area and found some leftover food, which he wolfed down eagerly. Then he sat looking at the empty park for a while. He couldn’t stay there any longer, people would start to get suspicious if he was there the next day in the same clothes. Someone might call the police!

It was time to move on.

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Custom content used in this blog post:

* Sandy’s diner set at ATS.

* My junk mod.

* My sporty stuff.

* My free barista mod.

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