The Khan Family – Seeds of Change

05-01-16_9-57-08 PM

This is just a little round-up blog of a few odds and ends from my week with the Khan family.

Jasminder’s garden is coming along quite well! She went out one night to explore the neighbourhood and found a pretty little park area. She made a wish at the fountain! I love that they added this interaction to all fountains with Romantic Garden Stuff.

Then she found a little community garden area and picked up a few more harvestables she didn’t yet have. One of the trees was a growfruit tree, which I was pretty excited about as I didn’t expect to find any wild ones in this old save! But it must have spawned in an area I hadn’t explored in this save yet.

Back at home, Jasminder has improved the quality of some of her plants already and her salads finally look a bit nicer and people have stopped making gagging sounds when they eat it! She’s happy she has better quality produce now.

05-01-16_9-56-46 PM

05-01-16_9-57-53 PM

05-01-16_9-58-10 PM

05-01-16_9-59-20 PM

05-01-16_10-01-44 PM

05-21-16_9-38-42 PM

Amar had been working hard at school all week. He’s really engaged with his IT class and has been practising his programming skills quite a lot. So at the weekend I decided he needed to relax a bit! He loves movies and superhero comics, so I figured he’d enjoy going to the cinema. I was hoping he’d run into someone from school, so I could try and have him make a friend, but sadly nobody his own age showed up. He had fun playing on the arcade machine, and he grabbed a superhero action figure for his collection.

05-01-16_10-08-06 PM

05-01-16_10-08-19 PM

05-01-16_10-08-40 PM

05-01-16_10-12-39 PM

05-01-16_10-16-44 PM

05-01-16_10-22-06 PM

And that’s it from the Khan family for this rotation, although I might set up Sanjeev and Kamini’s restaurant when Dine Out is released.

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