Community News: Great Art Series Vol. 1 available for TS3 and TS4

I had to make a special post for this because I think its amazing!

Like me, you may have been following the creation of femmeonamission’s Great Art series. The creator, Julia, has been recreating well known real-life artwork using The Sims 4 as a resource. The images she has been creating are stunning, and some of my personal favourite artwork is included in there. So I was very excited to hear she was planning on adding the images to the game as actual pieces of art that can be hung on your Sims’ walls!

The first part of this project has been completed, and you can find the paintings available for The Sims 3 AND The Sims 4! Julia created the TS4 versions herself, and Sandy from Around the Sims has created the TS3 versions. I’ll be getting both! ❤

Link to The Sims 4 Great Art series at Femmeonamissionsims!

Link to The Sims 3 Great Art series at Around the Sims 3!

Thank you to Julia, Sandy and everyone involved in this! I’m so excited to have this content in my game. ❤ ❤ ❤


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