Cinderelli Investigates: Clowning Around

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*sings badly* TRAGEDY!!! When you see a clown and you start to frown it’s TRAGEDY!!! When you start to cry and you don’t know why, it’s hard to bare, and no one can help you, you’d better beware!

That’s right, that lovable fan favourite is back: the Tragic Clown! We all loved him so much in TS1 that the thoughtful gurus decided he needed to make a comeback in TS4! We’re so happy and thankful, right? ….RIGHT???

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Well… maybe ‘happy’ isn’t quite the appropriate word to use. Wearing the tragic clown clothing actually makes your sim desperately unhappy. And it doesn’t just affect the wearer. All the sims around the tragic sim will also be overwhelmed with sadness. Poor Parker!

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At first, I have to admit, I was not amused to hear this sim was making a comeback. The Tragic Clown really irritated me in TS1! Some players have found his incessant crying annoying, and his self-loathing to be really quite upsetting. The Tragic Clown really brings down the mood and it’s understandable that some people want to avoid him.

(Video credit: SimsVip)

I actually considered just… not patching. Nope. Not doing it! I’ll stick with the egg hunt and growfruit thank you very much! But then… funnily enough… the Tragic Clown started to appeal to me. I guess it appealed to me in a sentimental way… why is the poor clown so sad? Why can’t he be cheered up? Is he suffering from depression?

This made me want to accept the clown and his mopey ways. He can’t help being sad. Like how people with depression in real life can be snappy and emotional, this clown is suffering in the same way, and needs our love and support. Even when he seems to reject it. ❤

And so… it became Cinderelli-sim's mission to, not cheer up the clown, but to befriend him in her own charming and… slightly annoying… fashion. I had Cinderelli-sim look at the tragic clown painting and summon one of these mopey wanderers.

04-25-16_9-12-03 PM

04-25-16_9-12-40 PM

The first clown that appeared was too smart to stick around to be Cinderelli-sims guinea-pig and immediately vanished into thin air. Okaysies. Maybe it was time for Cinderelli to take off that clown suit?

Attempt number 2 produced a very quirky looking character. I’m not sure why he wasn’t wearing the suit and make-up, but he did have the clown hair, and I kind of liked his unusual look. Maybe this clown was trying to dress ‘normally’ to fit in? Maybe if he acted happy, he would feel happy?

04-25-16_10-15-44 PM

So, I set about befriending this hapless soul. I knew better than to try the obvious ‘cheer up’ interactions (those never worked well in TS1) but I aimed at getting to know his interests and talking about those. Sadly, everytime I had a small amount of success and started to build up the relationship bar, one of the pair would put their foot in their mouth and the relationship would take a nose-dive. *sigh*

04-25-16_10-16-23 PM

04-25-16_10-20-42 PM

Cinderelli-sim is not the sort to give up easily when she has set her mind to something! And I really was starting to like this hopeless, awkward character. So it was time for Plan B! I took advantage of the Get Together club system to start a clown club! I set the club rules to encourage friendly and cheerful behaviours and invited the clown, Alan, back to the house. It took a while to convince him to join the club, but eventually the relationship bar was high enough for him to accept. Once he joined Cinderelli’s Happy Clown Cult… *cough*… I mean Club, it didn’t take long to build up their relationship and Alan the Clown really seemed to cheer up! Yippie!

04-25-16_10-39-04 PM

04-25-16_10-39-39 PM

04-25-16_10-39-10 PM


I felt like Alan was now rehabilitated, I really like the shape of his face, so Cinderelli asked him to move in! He’s evil, like Parker, so I figured they would get along well and maybe Alan could act as a role model for the young ghost-child. However, while Cinderelli accepts their evil traits, she wants them to focus on their more positive abilities! Alan is creative, and since he clearly likes music, she thinks he should focus on his DJ and comedy skills. He has now joined the entertainer career! Also, for those who want to know how Parker is getting along, while I was completing the growfruit challenge, Parker has reached level 10 with his violin lessons, and he is an A student! When we get the kids’ themed stuff pack, I’m going to treat him to some new goodies as a reward.

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