Note/Disclaimer: If We Shadows Have Offended

A quick note/disclaimer: I just wanted to explain a little that none of my Sims are ‘real people’ Sims. None of my characters or stories are making any kind of critical comment or intentional political message. I’m just telling different stories and using the world around me, and drawing history, for inspiration. So my Swan family, while inspired loosely by European history, are not in any way commenting on current issues. And my Kensington family are not intended to reflect the real Royal Family, I just like my Sims to have a range of different backgrounds. While I use names like ‘James’ and ‘Charles’, I just randomly picked traditional royal names for my sims. There is a ‘queen’ and she is based to some extent on the real Queen (who I adore), but she is only inspired-by and not a reflection-of the actual Queen.

Also, I really like to vaguely draw on different cultures in my game, to have a nice diverse mix of Sims and characters. I always worry that I might accidentally offend someone by completely misrepresenting their culture, so I just want to say this is no way intentional. My experience of other cultures does have its limits, so there may be a bit of stereotyping, and I apologise in advance for that.

Ultimately, my game is my game. I’m imagining stories to amuse myself. For a long time I was wary of sharing my stories with the world because I worried that my ignorance might offend someone. People showed an interest in my game, and I figured I’d share in the hopes that I might entertain some of you for a while. My intentions are no more than this.

Finally, I just like telling stories and imagining what my Sims might be thinking. None of the views expressed by my Sims should be taken as my own. My only philosophy is that people should be good, and have good intentions. But of course the definition of being ‘good’ is open to interpretation too.

Gentles, do not reprehend.
If you pardon, we will mend.

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