News: Restaurant Game Pack and Kid’s Stuff Pack CONFIRMED!!!

Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

Ok… well maybe there are a few drops, even if the information floodgates haven’t exactly opened. We have a short announcement video which introduces the themes for the next couple of months:

The initial reaction is mixed.

Many of us have been asking for restaurants and more content for children, and the gurus have just confirmed this. We asked them to break the #SimsNewsDrought and they did! So… why are some of us still mad?

Well… it has been several months since the last game pack, Spa Day, and many of us assumed we’d get these approximately every 6 months (so twice a year). Then SimGuruNinja teased a while back with a tweet about being hungry for info (which we will never ever never let him forget).

For simmers who were used to getting new content at least twice a month during the TS3 Store days, it feels like this has been a huge content dry spell. This was made worse by there being a news drought too, with players literally begging for info. I think this long wait has made players feel increasingly frustrated, and the gurus have been put under more and more pressure to give us some info. Now they finally have given us solid information, actually confirming the next two packs, some of us feel like this isn’t enough. We expected toddlers. We expected trailers! We’d been given waaaaaaay too much time to speculate and we’d got ourselves all hyped! So the news we finally have (which would normally be great) has left some of us kind of deflated.

It’s clear the gurus are walking a tightrope between being silenced from those in the marketing/law/evil-gremlin departments at EA (you know who you are *scowls*), and the players who they don’t want to disappoint.

They are trying.

They clearly did this because we’ve been begging for info. They’re trying something new. And if we turn our noses up at their attempts to share more openly with us, maybe they just won’t bother trying anymore and will give us info when they’re ready to and not a drop before!

I’m someone who likes to plan ahead, know what to expect and when to expect it. I like to know exactly what I’m getting so I don’t get hyped for something and ultimately get disappointed. This news and content drought has been kiiiiiillllllliiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggg mmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! And even though my initial reaction to the video was…


I’m now thinking I’m really glad they confirmed that we’ll be getting a game pack based on restaurants (which I really want) and a kids’ stuff pack. And I know I’ll be getting these in the next couple of months.

I’m not sure why there was such a long content dry spell, but I hope that if this happens again (plz no) that the gurus will keep us in the loop and just be a bit more open and honest with us. Let us know if there will be no new packs the next month, so we won’t be kept in the dark. Tell us if there has been some kind of delay. I don’t expect them to tell us everything, because they need to be able to surprise us with details too. But if they just let us know ‘Hey, no new paid content in September but you can expect news in October!’ then at least we have an idea of what is going on. It’s no fun speculating and playing reindeer games if they never give us anything concrete.

*looks forward to the trailer and blog for restaurants*

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