The Kensington Family – Down to Earth

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The Kensington family are the richest family in my game but most of their money is tied up in inherited property. Although they are connected to royalty, the Kensingtons are quite down-to-earth and enjoy being part of the local community. They had been living in another part of the country but their old house needed restoration work, so they have moved back to Windenburg into one of the family mansions.

[Note: This stunning house was built by connorwaters123 and is available on the gallery. It is called ‘The Windenburg Estate’.]

On the first morning of their week, James was the first to wake up. It was still dark outside but he dragged himself down to the kitchen to grab breakfast before going outside for a jog. He loves being outdoors and wanted to check out the local fishing spots. As he ran, he spotted a promising camping zone which he noted to check out later.

[Note: I love how gangly he looks when he runs, such an awkward-looking teen!]

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04-13-16_11-12-32 PM

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He was surprised to spot someone walking up the country lane so early at that time in the morning. He slowed down, it was a young girl and she seemed a bit lost.

‘Hello there,’ he said smiling and trying to look unthreatening.

The girl looked a little uncertain at first, ‘I’m just waiting for my Dad. He should be here in a minute.’

James noticed she had an accent, ‘I’m glad you are ok. I thought for a moment you were lost and were going to ask me for directions.’

The girl raised an eyebrow questioningly, ‘And what if I was?’

James ran a hand through his hair looking embarrassed. ‘I wouldn’t have been able to help,’ he admitted, ‘I have only just moved here and was taking a look around.’

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04-13-16_11-17-34 PM

An older man strolled up the road towards them. ‘Gabriella!’ he called out, ‘you silly child, you were only around the corner!’

The girl laughed then and gave James a shy grin, ‘I guess we both need to work on our geography! We’ve just moved here too. I took a stroll to the bottom of our garden and…’ she blushed, ‘I guess our garden is a little larger than I expected. I did get lost.’

She hugged her father affectionately, ‘Sorry Papa! Thank you for coming to rescue me.’

‘From the berries and the brambles?’ he teased, ‘I’m just glad you called me. Who is your friend?’

‘James, sir,’ he extended his hand respectfully.

The man shook his hand firmly, ‘Antoni Verona. Thank you for rescuing my daughter but we really must be going now.’

James nodded, ‘It was a pleasure to meet you both.’

‘Nice to meet you, James,’ the girl smiled warmly.

Well, that was a pleasant start to the day, thought James.

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