TS4 Download: Free Bartender and Barista!

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I like to create multi-function lots that reflect what I see in real life: rather than having one shop on a lot, I might have a few and apartments above them. So it bugs me that if I place a drinks bar or a coffee bar on a retail lot, it doesn’t spawn an NPC. What if I want to visit it with another family in my rotation, visit the shop, then go for a drink?

I noticed the coffee bar lets you hire a barista, but this costs $100, and I don’t want my visiting sims to pay an additional cost for a service that should be available in the first place! I found that I could edit a file to make this cost $0 instead.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), this will alter the cost in all locations. So if you want it to cost you money at home, for example, you’ll have to take the mod out.

I’ve tested it, and it seems straightforward enough. Let me know if you have any issues. Of course Get Together is required for the barista version and Dine Out is required for the restaurant version. I have all packs installed, so I’m not sure if you’ll need them all for the bar version, and you’re welcome to give me feedback on that.

This is an Override mod, as such it will conflict with any other mod which incorporates the following files:

* object_HireSpecificNPC_Bartender 123720 000000000001E348
* object_HireNPC_Bartender 123718 000000000001E346
* object_HireNPC_Bartender_Restaurant 146861 0000000000023DAD

* object_HireSpecificNPC_Barista 123737 000000000001E359
* object_HireNPC_Barista 123737 000000000001E359

Hire Bartender for free: Download Here! (SimFileShare)

Hire Barista for free: Download Here! (SimFileShare)

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04-01-16_2-02-44 PM

6 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Free Bartender and Barista!

  1. You always do the best of mods! I was bummed for the same thing when creating my park for my Drifters Challenge! I wanted to have a coffe-shop there. Will definitely try it out.


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