TS4 Download: The Junk Mod (Version 1)

UPDATE!!!  This version of the Junk Mod is no longer updated.  Please find the new version HERE.


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While playing with my Freegan household I really started to miss things like dumpster diving and picking up scrap objects from the junkyard. Since the Freegans aren’t really supposed to buy anything, I wanted them to be able to pick up items for free somehow. However, I didn’t want to make it too easy.

With this mod, you’ll get a junk pile object (found in the trash category, or search for ‘junk’). This is based on an outdoor trashcan, so sims can ‘scavenge’ in it as they would rummage for trash. Only I’ve added a TON of extra items for your sim to find. Previously they only gathered smaller items like postcards, and those items are still there, but now your sims can find a variety of useful items like yoga mats, tents and even a shower!

But there’s a catch…

I’ve added custom tuning and swatches for nearly all the items, so they’ll be broken or dirty. The broken items can be fixed, and some of the dirty items can be cleaned. Other items are particularly gross. XD

I’m not going to list all the items, because I think part of the fun is in seeing what you find! But you’ll need:

* Get to Work
* Get Together
* Spa Day
* Outdoor Retreat

!!!These packs are required for the mod to function correctly!!!

I’m calling this ‘version 1’ because I plan for this to be an ongoing project and I hope to add more items and upgrade options in the future. So, please let me know if you do have any issues and I’ll try to address them in the next version.

Things to note:

* You need to place it on a community lot to get the ‘scavenge’ interaction. Round the back of a scruffy pub is a perfect place!

* As its base tuning is a bin, it needs trash to be placed inside it for the ‘scavenge’ option to appear (you can’t junk-dive if there’s no junk!). I left this as it was because I prefer the challenge of having to wait for another sim to refill it, so it’s not too cheaty. But when you scavenge the first time a pile of trash will appear, and you can just drop this straight back in and spam it if you like.

* You can add my tuning to your own objects! The Tuning name is: Cinderelli:object_JunkPile and the Tuning ID is: 11293929874123125636. Just make sure my mod is installed and you should get the interactions. If anyone can convert the TS3 dumpsters I’ll be a happy bunny. ^__^

I’ve worked really hard on this mod and I’m excited to share my junk with you! 😛

Download Here! – Old Version!

UPDATE!!!  This version of the Junk Mod is no longer updated.  Please find the new version HERE.

edit 18/06/2016: Please place the unzipped folder containing ALL the individual files in your Mods folder.

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21 thoughts on “TS4 Download: The Junk Mod (Version 1)

  1. Thank you for this! Some things you do not relize that you miss before someone actually creates a mod for it! 🙂

    Question/Suggesion: How about hygiene? Does it decrease as you scavenge? If not, would it not be nice if it actually did? Going through junk is not the most clean thing you can do is it?
    Is it just things or is it maybe food too? When I read about your freegan I started to think about those that only use food they find from the dumpstrers behind their local supermarket. Can different piles be customized for different purposes?


    • * Yes, hygiene decreases when you scavenge in the trash pile!
      * I didn’t add food as a drop, but will consider it. However, the object has the base code of an outdoor trash can, and it contains a separate interaction to rummage for food, but I’m not sure what the conditions are to trigger this yet. If you get it, let me know.
      * I like the idea of different piles for different purposes. ^__^ For this version I was aiming for more of a junk-yard feel with broken objects, and other furniture that had been discarded. But maybe I could do a food-waste version for the back of cafes and bars.


  2. So now I have tried it out and it really is a mod with potential! ❤ Some more bugs and suggestions though:
    1) When I am trying to go through the pile I am getting just a blank bubble. But the action seems to work all the same.
    2) Things that are dirty and broken – are they just meant to be functional things then repaired and cleaned? Or should they increase in value as well? If the latter – they dont.


    • Thanks for the feedback.

      1. Do you have all the required packs installed? They’re listed in the mod description. Could you tell me any packs you don’t have installed so I can look into it? Do you always get a blank bubble, or just occasionally? Sometimes my sims seem to cancel the interaction themselves but I can tell them to do it again and it’ll work.

      2. At the moment the items will not increase in value much, because I specifically wanted to make the items cheap (so it’s not too cheaty). It’s not perfect, and there are some exceptions, but it’s something I’ll look into.


      • If it is the stuff-pack game pack etc you are referring to yes, I have them all! When I have the time I will look into if it might be a translation issue. Then it is easily fixed 🙂

        2) I would just LOVE if you could increase the value of an item by cleaning! But that is just pure luxury wishes…. 😀


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  4. I love this so much, thank you! Just fyi, I also get a blank bubble (it’s always blank, but clickable – I have all the packs). I see bloudwedd mentioned possible translation issues – I also (?) play non-English version of the game, but I didn’t see anything like this with other non-translated mods before (could be a mod conflict?). I also seem to pick up only clean and working things, but the sample could be too small to be representative (just 5 items so far, I installed the mod today).


  5. Quick update! Some players have reported missing text and blank bubbles. I thought there may have been an issue with the language strings, maybe some text hadn’t carried across to all languages. But having checked the strings in the file, they all seem to have the appropriate information, nothing appears to be wrong from what I can tell.

    If anyone has any further feedback or info, I’d be happy to look into this further.


    • Hi again! I checked the junk mod in an otherwise vanilla game and the blank bubble is still there (it’s clickable and looks the same whenever the junk pile is empty or full), so it’s not a mod conflict. It works perfectly other than that. BTW, are your Canning Station and Bakers Station conversions supposed to work on their own, or is another oven required on a lot? Because in my test save (vanilla, freshly repaired game), when I placed Veranka’s oven next to them, they worked perfectly – when I removed it, the cooking/baking recipes on either of the appliances where greyed out (there was a pop up about no ovens on the lot). Sorry to comment about it here, I just didn’t know how to contact you (so it’s probably not for publication xD). Cheers!


      • Hi, it’s fine to comment here.

        I’m at a bit of a loss as to why the bubble is greyed out on the junk pile as everything looks ok in the file, all I can think is that it’s a mod conflict. Hopefully some more feedback might come in to help me narrow it down. So, apart from that it works ok? You’re getting the objects from the junk pile?

        Veranka’s version of the bakers oven must be installed for mine to function correctly. The canning station should be ok on its own. A patch did break these objects a while back (sometimes patches modify existing functionality of objects and they’d changed the code for ovens) but I fixed that problem at the time, so make sure you have the updated version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bks8m8am8dgnhff/Cinderelli_Fixed_Bakers%26CanningStations.zip?dl=0 It is possible that they broke again with another patch, so I’ll check on them next time I load the game.


  6. Just an update – I’ve recently started to play the game in English (non-region locked version), and now the mod works perfectly (no empty bubble, etc). It’s probably just pure chance, but the items selection also seems better xD. So I guess it was a language strings thing. Cheers!


  7. Wow, it looks awesome! I don’t have the Spa Day pack but I really wanted this mod. If I download it there will be some missing items or a major bug/crash? If it’s the first case I can live with it hahah


    • I’d guess that the Sim would just jump out of the interaction, or the interaction would fail to drop and object. I’m not 100% sure, so if you want to try it, make sure you create a backup save first.


  8. I wanted to thank you for this mod, been having so much fun these 2 days with it! I modified it to work on a retail lot to make a ‘working’ junkyard, also made the looting time to be much longer and lessened a bit the probability of finding something to not be cheaty; got to a good equilibrium IMO and it’s damn fun! I love what you did with all the stuff to clean and repair, it’s awesome ❤ Thank you for this fun mod! (A pic of my tiny junkyard shop lot http://i66.tinypic.com/6sxjcm.png)


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