TS4 Download: Storage Crate

02-21-16_12-41-54 PM

This object is a clone of the decorative storage chest that is already in the game and still has a slot for placing an object on top. I gave it a custom tuning that gives it an inventory, like the storage chests, but I set the inventory type to ‘SIM’. This means anything that can go into your Sim’s inventory, should also be able to be placed inside the storage chest (like yoga mats, crystals, flowers, postcards, books, portable instruments, etc). Please back-up your game before using, and let me know if you find any issues.

Download here! (SimFileShare)

02-21-16_12-41-44 PM



One thought on “TS4 Download: Storage Crate

  1. I just tried this out as I was looking for somewhere to store the Jungle Advenutre adventuring items as I hate a crowded inventory and it seemed to work fine in my game which I left running for a little while with some of the items inside the box.

    Honestly thanks for making something like this… I wish the EA storage boxes could store any inventory items.


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