TS4 Download: Gain Hygiene from Bubbly Fountain

02-21-16_3-16-31 PM

Freegans and homeless Sims rejoice! There’s a new way to get clean… by putting bubbles in the public fountain and having a bath in the middle of town! It’s fun too! Best keep your clothes on though: you can clean them at the same time! \o/

Sims won’t get clean from playing in the fountain unless they add bubbles first. The hygiene increase is set fairly low so as not to be too over-powered (it’s still a public fountain guys, how clean do you think it is?) and it may take a few splashes if you want to get your sim extra sparkly!

This mod overrides the tuning file for the interaction to ‘play in fountain’ that came with the Romantic Garden stuff pack (tuning name: object_ParkFountain_PlayIn and tuning id: 131859). It specifically works on the Gluteus Maximus fountain that came with Romantic Garden but may also affect other custom content that use the play in fountain functionality.

Override Mod!
Romantic Garden is required!

Download Here! (SimsFileShare)

02-21-16_3-13-14 PM

02-21-16_3-13-53 PM

02-21-16_3-14-29 PM

02-21-16_3-14-43 PM

02-21-16_3-15-39 PM

02-21-16_3-16-42 PM

02-21-16_3-20-33 PM


CSIMSIE for the idea.

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