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I’ve been wanting to play the Homeless Challenge for a while, but felt uncomfortable with the idea. Homelessness has been an upsetting topic in the news lately, and while I think it’s good to explore real-life issues with art, I felt personally uncomfortable with the idea of playing with a homeless sim. But the idea interests me. I like the gaming process of starting with nothing and surviving, and aiming towards a more comfortable position (I’ve been doing this a lot with Minecraft lately, finding ‘start from scratch’ type scenarios like SkyFactory appealing).

Finally, an idea struck me! I could make a group of sims who have chosen to reject the consumerist society and live simply! The Freegan household have opted to be homeless. At first, they will survive off the land: eating wild fruits and vegetables; and fishing (so they’re not technically vegans). I chose a picturesque countryside district of Windenburg as their home and moved them onto an empty lot. The area they can explore is beautiful, and full of natural resources to make their lives easier. There are bushes to ‘fertilise’, rivers to provide fish, wild plants to harvest, places to sleep and rest, and even community bonfires and grills to provide comfort and food.

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My three sims are all creative, and will ‘trade’ (not sell, although I haven’t planned this bit out yet) their creations for things to make their lives more comfortable, like tents and showers. Eventually, their plan is to start a bit of a hippy commune and invite other like-minded sims to join them. The three sims are:

* Penelope Greene – an artist and nature enthusiast: she will paint beautiful landscapes and take charge of growing crops.

* Apollo Golden – a happy-go-lucky musician who loves to philosophise about how he will save the world through his music.

* Daphne Laurel – an independent free-spirit who loves books and writing.

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My initial play session with them didn’t go to well. I’d set their household funds to zero, and while they’d managed to catch some fish, they cannot cook them on the grill or bonfire (they need a campfire but it is $450), and the wild shrubs have not produced any fruit or vegetables yet. So, they’re kind of starving. I’m using a series of food mods including one that requires all the ingredients before sims can prepare meals, so this aspect will be tricky! I think maybe their enthusiasm for the freegan lifestyle was poorly planned! But I’m excited to see what happens next.

If worst comes to worst, there’s always the local pub.

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I’ll upload the household to the gallery later today if you’d like to play along (be sure to use the money cheat one you’ve placed them). Just search for the hashtag: #Freegans

8 thoughts on “Blog: Meet the Freegans

  1. I think that this is really interesting. I have been running a campaign that looks at Freeganism in Sydney (with a focus on dumpster diving), called A Wasteful Opportunity.

    The fact that you have begun to represent this virtually is really intriguing and I am curious about result on quality of life for the sims (however I do realise it doesn’t represent the real world). It sounds like that they may not be off to the best start in that regard, however the food mods and the local pub is a great idea.

    If you are interested about freeganism in sydney you could check out my campaign :

    Word Press :

    All the best with your freegan sims, I hope it goes well.


    • Hi, thanks for your interest! Firstly, apologies for being a little tongue-in-cheek sometimes, I don’t mean to offend, I just like see the funny side of all situations. :3 You might like to know that some simmers have been asking for more official content to support this gameplay style, and some of the things in the upcoming expansion (The Sims 4: City Living) support this type of gameplay. We’re getting a couple of items that make it easier to sell things without owning a store: a market stall style table and a gallery wall for art. There is a ‘flea market’ where Sims can buy second hand furniture with unique swatches (I think this is represent upcycling). Sims can rummage in cardboard boxes left on the sidewalk to find collectable snow-globes. And there is also a vegetarian trait and new vegetarian recipes. Players are requesting ways to pass objects between Sims too, a gift-giving interaction would be useful. In The Sims 3 there was a junk yard where we could go and pick up discarded furniture, and there was dumpster diving for various items, I’d love to get these kind of things for TS4.

      The main reason why my Sims got off to such a poor start was because it was a new world, and non of the plants were producing anything for the first couple of days. They’re doing a little better now. I’m looking forward to playing with them some more when the new content is released.

      I live in the UK and there is definitely a concern about food waste. A lot of families are struggling financially and there is a high demand at food banks. Locally people donate a lot of food at events, churches, and at special drop off points in supermarkets. I believe some retailers are looking at ways they can donate food rather than throwing it away. It’s good that some positive thinking is evolving in this area.

      Good luck with your campaign! And thank you for getting in touch.


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