Cinderelli-sim Investigates: Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff

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Is this a review? I’m not quite sure myself. It’s a thing. And things can be good too. Basically, the plan is to make Cinderelli-sim investigate the new stuff pack for the plums and the giggles.


Dressed in her new Romantic Garden clothes, Cinderelli went to check out the new lot that came with the pack. It has plenty of quiet nooks and crannies where you can meet your secret love. Perfect for a romantic date or picturesque wedding!

Oh, kiss me through the hole of this vile wall!

I kiss the wall’s hole, not your lips at all.

First Cinderelli tested the features of the fountain… by sitting on it! ‘What do you mean there are no chairs?!’

Then she threw a coin into the fountain and seemed very pleased with herself. Next, it was time to jump in and splash about! I like how they keep their normal clothes on instead of changing into swimwear for this, it makes it feel more spontaneous and impulsive! And don’t worry about Cinderelli’s shoes, they’re only Primark.

Of course, Cinderelli-sim wouldn’t be Cinderelli-sim without getting up to mischief, so she filled the fountain with bubbles! This made splashing around even MORE fun!

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02-10-16_1-20-02 PM

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Next Cinderelli wanted to test the wishing well. This took a bit of searching as it was tucked away in a corner of the lot. Cinderelli threw in a tribute of 100 simoleans but the stone fountain head didn’t seem to think much of this (demanding begger isn’t he!?). Cinderelli tried again and threw in an extra 1000 simoleans (as much as she could afford) but this only made old Stone Head super mad! Not taking his dark hooded disposition dissuade her, Cinderelli sim decided to wish for a child!

(In TS3 Cinderelli had used the Lucky Palms wishing well to wish for a child and had been rewarded with an evil child who she loved with all her simulated heart!)

Clearly all the black smoke and glaring was an act, because the kindly Stone head granted Cinderelli’s wish! Sort of. He graced her with an evil little ghost boy called Parker Mouse! Cinderelli is good with kids, so she told him a joke about elephants and he turned green with happiness! ‘Don’t worry,’ she told him, ‘just because you are an evil ghost child from the depths of the putrid well, I still love you!’ ❤

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I’m really happy with the gameplay value of these items. I’ll use the fountain in my parks and regularly send my sims to splash around and generally hang-out there. The wishing well is more of a novelty item for a control freak simmer like me! But I’m impressed with the detail of it: the animations and the intricacy of the mechanics behind granting wishes. There seem to be a good variety of outcomes, and it feels like a well designed object. Simmers who enjoy randomness in their games will enjoy it! Personally, I’ll tuck it away in a secret garden somewhere and if I do use it, I’ll be sure to save first! I’m very happy to have the ‘evil child’ feature back. I dislike the selection process of adoption in the game, so I don’t use it. I’ll use the wishing well as an adoption replacement: you don’t know which child you will get, but your sims will be there for them no matter what! Which is how I think all parenting should be.


Cinderelli got to dress up in some new clothes. The female clothes have a really nice shape and they are very wearable (no awkwardness inducing navel-plunging-cleavages here)! They are nice for everyday clothing, and work well for ‘date’ or party outfits too. I would have appreciated more pattern-less options though. Also… THAT HAIR!!! It’s gorgeous.

The male clothing is also really nice. I was a bit concerned about the floweriness of the clothing when I saw the trailer, and how wearable the items would be. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the male clothing has plainer options and the items are actually really nice! The hair is great too.

There are even a few items for children! Two full outfits for girls which I REALLY like, the one with the cardigan is so nicely detailed. And there is a cute shirt for boys. There is a very sweet hairstyle for girls, and a shorter unisex hairstyle for both genders.

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02-09-16_7-20-11 PM

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02-09-16_7-25-51 PM

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02-09-16_9-00-57 PM

02-09-16_9-01-13 PM

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02-09-16_9-05-47 PM

02-09-16_9-05-29 PM

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02-09-16_8-53-10 PM


I personally really like the ‘Victorian Garden’ theme of the build/buy items. There are some new flowers which come in a variety of bright colours, including a few ‘alien’ palettes if you enjoy making extra-terrestrial lots. I particularly like the hedgerows, which you line up to make beautiful borders or secluded areas.

There are a number of stone items, some are practical like the benches, climbing frame and picnic table, others are purely decorative like the new fountain piece. I really like the classical statues, which could also be used to decorate an expensive home or a museum. The ‘folly’ is beautiful and versatile, you can place a bench in there, or a statue, or even place two together to make an interesting garden feature or roof decoration! Although the theme is ostensibly ‘Victorian’ it also has a Classical feel, which I appreciate! Another point I noticed was that many items have darker ‘goth’ colour options, you could definitely make a darker style lot with this pack.

02-10-16_1-43-45 PM

02-10-16_1-45-36 PM

02-10-16_1-46-14 PM

02-10-16_1-47-42 PM

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02-10-16_1-50-29 PM

02-10-16_1-52-17 PM

02-10-16_1-53-36 PM

02-10-16_1-55-18 PM

02-10-16_1-56-19 PM

I’m very happy with this pack, and I think I dare say it’s my favourite sp. It’s very much to my taste though, and you may feel differently. If you were on the fence, hopefully Cinderelli’s misadventures will have given you a little bit more information about the pack.

Happy Simming!

2 thoughts on “Cinderelli-sim Investigates: Sims 4 Romantic Garden Stuff

  1. That’s a really cool point you make about using the well for adoptions. I am sort of a control freak with my game too– I’m thinking I might use it a bit to spice up my legacy but not in my other neighborhood. This was a great review, and Cinderellil-sim is so cute with her mischievous self!


    • Thanks! Cinderelli-sim is definitely a handful! I’m the same, I don’t think I’ll use it for my main sims, but I do like Granny Shue from Hidden Springs, and might bring her into one of my ‘hoods. I like how the child you get from the well is quite unpredictable, which is the way it is here if you adopt or foster a child. I just don’t like the idea of choosing between children that need help. 😦

      Granny Shue:


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