TS4 Download: Sporty Stuff

I converted these objects a little while ago to decorate my parks and give my sporty teenagers more places to hang-out. But silly me! I forgot to upload them! *slaps naughty hand*

I converted the soccer net from The Sims 3 as decorative items for The Sims 4. It can be found under ‘activities’ with the other exercise stuff to make them easy to find (if you’re like me, you already have a ton of stuff under ‘sculptures’ and can’t find anything you need anymore).

There are also some wall and floor graffiti stickers to decorate your parks with, these use images taken from the TS3 spray-painting skill.

[Note: This download previously contained a deco basketball hoop, this has been removed since we got a functional basketball hoop in City Living.]

Download Here! (SimsFileShare)

02-09-16_11-42-57 AM

02-09-16_11-40-02 AM

Credit where credit’s due:

* Severinka’s Sport Sets! One of my favourite Sims 4 creators. Severinka has two brilliant sports sets which I definitely recommend! The sets include the soccer balls, basketballs and ball rack shown in my screenshots. Also the large soccer pitch rug which can be used for basketball too. There are other sports items, like an alternative yoga mat and punch bag, and a variety of decorative objects for gyms. Oh, she has a basketball hoop too!

Click here for Sports Inventory Set 1!

Click here for Gym Equipment Set!


* Budgie2Budgie – for being inspirational as always! I stole her idea for a skate park, but I’ll freely admit hers is a lot better than mine. ^__^

* Sims4Studio – the tool I used to convert the objects.

You might also like to check out:

* Sims 2 Basketball Court Rug by BigUglyHag at Sims Workshop.

* Basketball poses at Simblr in London. (Also thanks to KitOnlyHuman for bringing this to my attention).

Also, if anyone knows of a ‘sporty’ custom trait, please let me know as I couldn’t find one. I’d like something a bit more health and fitness based than the bro/bodybuilder existing trait. Fingers crossed we get a proper sports gamepack soon! ^__^

5 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Sporty Stuff

    • Hiya! I think you mean the one with the soccer net? It was in one of the sets I downloaded but I’m not sure which now. I thought it was Severinka’s sports set but I’ll have to check in-game. The lines under the basketball hoop were part of the store conversion. ^__^


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