TS4 Download: Cinema Stuff

This content is no longer supported!!!

01-09-16_11-59-56 PM

Ok… I confess. I got a bit overexcited about the Movie Hangout stuff pack that is being released later today and I converted some things and started making a crummy-looking cinema (I quite like that it is crummy looking, my poor sim bought it cheap before it could be demolished and he’s trying to restore it to its former glory! If you’d like a more glamorous establishment you can find some gallery suggestions on my previous post.)

I converted the following items from the Le Cinema Plumbob set from the TS3 store:

* 4 Cult Classic Movie Posters
* The Old Grand Theater Marquee (the big sign out-front)
* The Drinks at the Theater bar
* The Intermission Stool (bar stool)
* Tickets

This content is no longer supported!!!

However I have combined all my Sims 3 conversions into one large UNSUPPORTED file to make them available to other creators for their projects. Available here! DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND HAVE BACKED UP YOUR SAVE FILES!!!

(I didn’t feel the need to convert any other items as there is similar content available already, like the curtains and the lovely cinema seats from Around the Sims 4. I would have liked to convert the doors but I still find doors a bit tricky.)

01-10-16_10-37-06 PM

I would love something with the functionality of the ticket machine, but for now I just converted the tickets and made them inventory-able, so you can sell them with the retail system of Get to Work. I had my sim buy the cinema and set up the tickets and some popcorn to sell (decorative from Around the Sims). Then when customers purchased a ticket I invited them to join his movie club. The retail lot pushes sims to buy the tickets, but when they join the group, the club actions are prioritised an they go and watch the movie.

At the moment they are just watching a big telly, but when I get the stuff pack I’ll change the club to make them watch movies instead. I’ll also start to sell real popcorn! \o/

I can also switch households and send my sims to the cinema. I can have them buy a ticket and popcorn, and then watch the movie as a group! \o/

Here are some random screenshots of Whatshisface running his cinema:

01-10-16_12-00-10 AM

01-10-16_12-07-03 AM

01-10-16_12-08-25 AM

01-10-16_12-09-32 AM

01-10-16_12-09-12 AM

01-10-16_12-11-07 AM

01-10-16_10-51-39 PM

01-10-16_12-18-02 AM

01-10-16_10-44-29 PM

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