TS4 Blog: The Dixon-Phillips Family – ‘Polish and Politics’ Part 1

09-15-15_10-33 PM

(Apologies for the delay between blog posts. Pre-Christmas life has been a bit crazy, and while I’ve had the time to play, I’ve been so tired by the end of the day that I’ve not had the concentration to write up blog posts. Now I have a huge backlog of screenshots to dig through and make sense out of! Oops!)

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The Dixon-Phillips Family – ‘Polish and Politics’ Part 1

It was Antony’s first day in his new position at the Town Hall. He got out of bed feeling confident, he’d held a senior position in his previous constituency (thanks to his mother’s connections) and was looking forward to meeting his new team of underlings.

09-23-15_9-04 PM

Unfortunately, when Antony arrived at the Town Hall he discovered he had more of a secretarial position than he had been led to believe. For a man raised to think of himself as a ‘winner’ this would not do!

‘Walk like a boss. Talk like a boss. Think like a boss.’ Antony repeated the mantra to himself as he strutted through the office wearing his perfectly tailored suit with pride.

09-23-15_9-14 PM-2

09-23-15_9-15 PM

09-23-15_9-16 PM

Antony was pleased to find his office was annexed onto the mayor’s, and not out in the cubicles with all the plebs (his thoughts, not mine). He swivelled on his comfortable chair feeling a little more satisfied. One day he would be sat at the mayor’s desk. Soon.

09-15-15_10-43 PM

09-23-15_9-17 PM

09-15-15_10-42 PM-3

Soon tired of all the humdrum data entry checks, Antony decided to grab a coffee from the tiny inadequate office kitchen. When he was mayor he’d furnish the office with a real café, he vowed. (Make use of the new Get Together content, I thought. ;-P )

09-23-15_9-28 PM

09-24-15_10-25-50 PM

(Can I just take this opportunity to note how much I love the TS4 walk-styles. This one suits Antony so much!)

Antony found an office minion and decided to assert his dominance, to show his fellow colleagues that he was a man who was going places!

‘Good day, chum. This office could do with a sprucing up, couldn’t it?’ Antony schmoozed his future underling with some well chosen small-talk before announcing, ‘Heigh-ho, it’s off to work I go!’ and wandering back to his office feeling pleased with himself.

09-24-15_10-23-29 PM

09-24-15_10-26-22 PM

09-24-15_10-26-55 PM

09-24-15_10-27-35 PM

09-24-15_10-27-11 PM

It wasn’t long before Antony was on the move again, he just wasn’t a desk-job kind of guy! He was a go-getter, a jet-setter, the kind of politician who gets out there amongst the people! He decided to practice his speech-making in the hall. Fortunately, nobody was around to hear his speech as the man was no Shakespeare. I guess Antony needs to work on his writing and charisma skills!

09-23-15_9-34 PM

09-23-15_9-33 PM

09-23-15_9-34 PM-2

‘Polish and Politics’ Part 2 – coming soon!

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