TS4 Download: Greenhouse Conversions

This content is no longer supported!!!

10-22-15_9-49-44 PM

Ooopsie! I converted these a while ago and forgot to upload them. Here are the roof pieces from the Store greenhouse set, and some of the other items which I hadn’t found anywhere else yet.

There are:

* 4 Roof Sections
* A Bench
* A dining Chair
* A Coffee Table
* A Dining Table
* A Functional Bookcase

You will need the MOO cheat to place the roof pieces, there is a more detailed tutorial here!

This content is no longer supported!!!

However I have combined all my Sims 3 conversions into one large UNSUPPORTED file to make them available to other creators for their projects. Available here! DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND HAVE BACKED UP YOUR SAVE FILES!!!

10-20-15_9-13-25 PM

10-20-15_9-15-13 PM

10-20-15_9-09-20 PM

10-20-15_9-07-03 PM

10-20-15_9-16-20 PM

10-25-15_4-44-34 PM

10-25-15_4-45-09 PM

10-20-15_8-53-31 PM

10-20-15_9-00-07 PM

7 thoughts on “TS4 Download: Greenhouse Conversions

  1. Wow! Do you know how much I love your right now?!?!?! I was so happy when I foun the greenhouse at another place just to realize that the person did not share his conversions anymore…. 😦 So thank you once more!


    • I think I just deleted the normal roof pieces, and if you click on the floor/ceiling tiles it comes up with an option to ‘delete floor’ and that deletes all the tiles in that room. I may possibly have edged the walls with a very low border fence too. You might need to use the bb.moveobjects on cheat to place the greenhouse pieces.

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  3. These are gorgeous, thank you for this conversion!

    I do have a question, though. When these are in the sun, they leave behind solid shadows instead of letting the light go through them, is this something that can be fixed? Normally, I really wouldn’t care, but since the shadow is so large, it’s definitely a little strange.

    If nothing can be done, it’s okay. I still love them regardless. thanks!


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